Trump ranting on Twitter that he didn't pay hookers to piss on his bed


WTF did I just read?


Dang, author Chuck Tingle works FAST.


Oh Chuck Tingle. I heart you.


They weren’t kinky sex acts, it was performance art. The very best!


Of course it is no mystery that Boing Boing has a very strong Anti-Trump bias. I’m not here to even debate that position. That being said, the question I do have is whether or not Boing Boing has a responsibility to be a credible source of information regarding Trump. I am worried that any news that appears to be Anti-Trump will be taken at face value and printed without any investigation into it’s legitimacy. This is not solving the Trump problem because it comes from a place of being deceptive and will lower Boing Boing’s credibility. If so then it must be recognized that for better or for worse that Boing Boing’s position is to release any information, true or not that de-legitimizes Trump’s presidency.

Of course I understand the difference between opinion and fact based information. However, when there is a persuasion bias in effect that leans toward an opinion based agenda that is not based in truth, that agenda will corrupt the institution it represents and will lower its credibility and intrinsic value of that institution. Or of course I could be completely wrong in how I am perceiving what is going on. I am also very open to listening to other perspectives that could help me understand Boing Boing’s position on publishing anything that appears to be Anti- Trump regardless of knowing it’s legitimacy and why that is seen as the moral high ground.


Nothing solves the Trump problem except his removal from office. And that’s down to the GOP, not the readers/writers of BB.


Rob was quite clear that the allegations are as-yet unconfirmed. This post is about Trump’s Twitter rant in response to the allegations, which is now on public record.


Complete with an awesome cover.




Which nation - the USA or Russia? :laughing: As of the inauguration, you will have to be specific.


I kind of regret 2017 already but I don’t regret this thread title, Rob. “Trump ranting on Twitter that he didn’t pay hookers to piss on his bed” made me spit-take this morning. :white_check_mark:


There are plenty of other places you can go if you want credible information about combover boy.

If you want to see as many creative riffs as possible on the themes “Trump”, “piss”, and “hookers”, this is the place you seek.


Why would I be a leg man? I don’t need legs. I have legs.


I’m wondering : after four years (or less) of Trump ranting on Twitter about every “unfair” thing the press says about him, will even some of his fiercest defenders start getting tired of it, and begin seeing him as the petulant narcissist he is.


Think of this from the viewpoint of the Russian prostitute.

You are sent to a hotel room. Knock, knock. Donald Trump answers the door in his too-open robe.


Then you find out you won’t even have to touch him. You just have to pee on a bed.

SWEET RELIEF! Best Russian prostitute day EVER!


I really hate this whole Calvin-peeing-on-things graphic but it’s just a matter of time before we see Putin pissing on Trump images


Right now it is the best source for photos of Trump. Look for threads started by Rob.


Many posts later, but I want to give credit because yay I found it.

(Her next tweet said: "Aw man. I promise I can spell “hateful.” :smile:)