America's public transit routes, mapped


Wow! Theoretically, you could travel from New York, down to Miami, across to LA, north to Seattle and back to NY, all by public transit.

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I don’t understand how intercity buses = public transportation. They’re not subsidized by governments: they’re for-profit companies.

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I suppose it would be technically more accurate to call it a map of common carrier passenger
routes. But in the US the term public-transportation is commonly used to refer to the options that are available to the ticket-buying public, whether they are privately owned and run, public entities, or some combination.


How many points would that get you in Ticket to Ride?

Did not know that…thanks.

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I keep getting “The file is damaged and could not be repaired” when I click either on the link or the graphic.

That’s not a terrible description of public transit in America.


The original map seems to be boingboinged/slashdotted/frotzed.
Here it is via flickr.

The best article on Inter-California Public Transit:
And this Guy Actually did it.

I figured out a few years ago how far you could get on city/county buses in south Florida if you start on the first bus of the morning from Key West; you end up stuck overnight in downtown Fort Lauderdale, but can then go forward in the morning on the Broward and Palm Beach buses all the way to Jupiter (the town, not the planet). If you use the Tri-Rail trains (Miami to Jupiter), you can get there much quicker.

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