America's secretive, 1,566,062-record No Fly List leaked and published

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SSSS was definitely a thing before 9/11. Ask me how I know…


two “funny” parts from the company statement

The lists were used for testing our software-based compliance process for implementing federally-mandated security requirements… To date, our investigation indicates that no customer data was exposed

so i guess they failed that security test then?

and isn’t the point of a no fly list that you don’t allow those people to fly? so yes, i guess they wouldn’t be customers. ( somehow i think they missed the point )


If you can be blocked from flying just because you have a name similar to a name on the list, then it’s all theater.


Well I know the UK one existed anyway. No need to ask, you can guess!


Here’s how Maia Arson Crimew did it:

QAnon Anonymous Bonus Episode: Hacking Into the No Fly List with Maia Arson Crimew

We interviewed the 23-year old Swiss hacker who got access to the No Fly List and leaked it to the media and other organizations: Maia Arson Crimew.


This is something I’ve known since March of 2002, especially when they failed to catch the multi-tool that I had in my carry on bag in both directions on my last trip for [ISP].

other leaked lists have had passport and driver’s license numbers on them. it sounds like this is a snapshot of a few columns of the actual database

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I am formally, legally and all of that, Michael Johnson.

As fun and popular as my name is, I also share a birthdate with some kind of a felon so I always give 3h for immigration into the USA. And usually I’m on gov’t travel and I am very sure that I have more trust from the gubmt than those goons do. I don’t have the magic brown/magenta? passport but that might help.

Got the “Ss” for long enough and I got the FBI to work something, but that scheiss is just stupid. Nobody should have to deal with that. Any sensible person would ask “so how’s this going? Found anything interesting that we wouldn’t have already??”


I believe you revealed your trade in another thread recently. From 2 directions, your SSSS troubles are orthogonal to mine. I neither have an occupation that would rouse “official” interest, nor do I have a common combination of first and family name. I can only assume that I attained this status for wearing an above-the-knees dress on a flight back to Detroit from Vegas in 1996 or 97.

Last time I flew, I did not get tagged, quite possibly because I am officially “old” and subsequently invisible (woman over 50), but we’ll see how it goes Wednesday. My son and I are flying out to Minneapolis to pick up a new car, thus a one-way flight.

@GilbertWham: It’s happening!


Three people can keep a secret, if two are dead.

With every airline needing a copy of the list, one of them had to demonstrate crappy security eventually.

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The Canadian list, but still:

Zamir Khan whose son, Sebastian, has been held up at airports for extra security checks since he was six months old.

Maybe I missed this detail, but where can I find the NOFLY list online? What is an easy way to see if I am (mistakenly) listed?

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