An amazing animated explainer of the Enigma Machine

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It’s a total enigma.

Nicely engineered machine, and a nice video explainer.

Now that he’s shown us how the Enigma works, his next video should be on the Bombe! He’d have a bit more modeling to do, but he already has the basics down.


“Nowadays encryption is performed by computers, but this wasn’t always the case”

It’s not too far out to suggest there are plenty of people, especially younger kids, who would wonder why they didn’t just use computers during WW2. “this wasn’t always the case” is a strange thing to put in a script regardless, it struck me as a very odd phrase to use.

edit: fixed for the actual quote

That was a really good video. I’d read a lot of random article of how the enigma works but never in that detail of course. Reminds of those MacAulay books “The Way Things Work” only animated

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I always thought it was aliens.

My go-to answer for that question is this:

Back then, the word ‘computer’ was not the name of a machine, it was a job title.


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