An eleven-year-old girl became a millionaire from her lemonade business

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Capitalism works! /s


What are humans gonna do when bees realize that they have been exploited this whole time, and when the protests really start?


The details here are really thin, so I suspect it didn’t happen as described. All the sources on this story are just copy-pasting the same “feel good” story with no details.

an 11-year-old Mikaila Ulmer inked an $11 million deal with Whole Foods

That sentence alone generates a thousand questions. An 11yo can’t sign legal documents, so who partnered with her? How did Whole Foods find her? That doesn’t just happen without connections and networking with their grocery buying team. How did she get startup capital to fill the huge orders Whole Foods would require? 11-year-olds can’t get series A venture capital or small business loans, so again, who was working with her for all this? How did they get the connections to get that funding? A bank would not lend based on this story so far. A VC might, but VCs are all about the connections and personal relationships.

Boiling this story down so far as to make it nonsense is damaging. It contributes to the myth of the American Dream which was in fact already killed by wealth inequality.

I’m sure the broad strokes of this story are true, but at best the lack of detail is insulting to the work Ms. Ulmer probably did, and at worst is grossly misleading about how many lucky breaks and/or privileged bits of assistance she may have had. Misleading a generation of kids into thinking they can get rich off lemonade and video games and whatever else is not helpful when we need to focus on rebuilding a middle class.



She and the bees got a deal on shark tank

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This story was on our local news. Well done, young woman!


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