An online community that deletes itself once it's indexed by Google

I love it. So few projects commit to their medium this fully. Most would prefer to hedge their bets and enjoy publicity, or some form of permanence. It’s hard to avoid egotism in arts, and the social nature of digital communications media make them I think more challenging in this regard.

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If a large enough number of people do it, it’ll be fine.

I used to use a virtual graffiti site that continually changed while you were drawing on it. Usually, in the main ‘room’ and someone would be writing, someone blacking out / erasing everything, someone else drawing dicks or swastikas, which got erased, etc. Kind of cool to think that nothing lasted more than a minute. I gave it up when they switched to arsebook login. It was supposed to be fleeting, you jerks! NOT integrated tracking and dragging up pictures of people from school whom I’d gone to the trouble of forgetting.

Anyway, (warning: digression!) you could also make a ‘private’ room, as a kind of background chat in scribble form. For some reason there was a phase of using that (shared, small group) in parallel with a forum (public), while MSNing at the same time, with the same 2 or 3 forum peeps (private/individually). Bit odd really. How often do you have three conversations with the same person at the same time? I can’t even remember why. Because it was there?

It isn’t a narcissistic grasp for attention, it shrinks FROM attention.


A) I love the that “temporary” site managed to get archived.
B) I’m surprise it lasted 18 posts. A troll (me?) would have posted a link on Google+ ASAP.

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