An overworked US postal worker shares what life is like delivering Amazon packages


Socialize the cost, privatize the profit - well done Amazon.


And also the cost of shipping is built into the item price, where it often becomes straight profit.


I was told that I could apply and already qualify for ANY position and did not get an interview. I ended up getting the job I always wanted at the time so no big deal. You are still missing the point, college educated, multi-lingual, etc… and not even a call. BTW, I saw the test results when I had a meeting with an administrator of the testing for our area. Top 5% in EVERY category. The only jobs I was not eligible for were due to my age.

UPS and FEDEX guys are not starting at over $20 an hour and working full time. They also don’t have a pension. Again, I love vets but check the percentage they make up at the post office. I venture it is well over 50% of the people who work there.


The story of neoliberalism!


Finally real truth and accuracy! As someone who has just freed myself from the situation you’re in… I really hope you are given a better path soon! There is absolutely NO exaggeration in your post! I saw my husband and daughter for 30 minutes and then shower and bed I go. I lost a lot of weight because I’d be too tired to eat. And the not willing to work hard or the union has your back is absolute nonsense if you’re a CCA! NO ONE should be working 11,12,13 days in a row for 12 hour days unless they choose that! Sure go to your union rep… they’ll get you some days off but you’ll get the “dumpy” routes and you’ll be able to cut the tension with a knife. This will be the case whether you are the best CCA or the worse! I didn’t and still don’t blame Amazon. It is not their job to have the Postal workers back… that’s the Post Office job and they are not interested in the position!


Try working multiple jobs where you are kept “part-time” to avoid paying benefits and have no control over your shifts, just to cover expenses, and you will have some idea of how a sizeable portion of the population sees work.

There is a very large swath of the population who I have no doubt would love the sort of union representation that the USPS employees enjoy, and despite this, even the USPS is unable to come up with working conditions that prevent this sort of issue from arising.

I have no doubt there are workers who would be happy to work weekends for increased pay. The fact that this isn’t the default state of things probably says more about political meddling or red tape than anything else - and the workers at the USPS, as with most labour-heavy industries - tend to bear the brunt of the consequences.

I think part of the difference with the USPS, which is shared with Canada Post, is that there’s more than a few folks with decades or more invested in their careers there. There’s a lot of public sector jobs that mirror this - be it public transportation workers, public utilities, etc - and most of these jobs seem to be set up around the idea that you get the “Scut” work (that is, poor routes or poor hours) initially, but with seniority, your Quality-of-Life increases and you have more control over shift times or routes or what-have-you.

From the anecdotes shared on this topic, it sounds as if in many cases, this covenant has broken down at the USPS. And that is no doubt a large part of the story as well.


I’m curious to know about these $20 starting wages?! Hell I work for the USPS in the finance dept. I appreciate my job… BUT excuse my French they will work you to the bone!!! Total exhaustion all holidays if you choose to be on the ODL or been drafted, PSE’S worked 7 days PERIOD! Split Shifts pretty much whatever and whenever a body was needed. I can agree with the need for SEVERE improvement, training and management. This is solely my opinion, I feel the union protects alot of the lazy people and keep them gainfully employed. I say that to say, I’ve had my share of being a supervisor NEVER AGAIN!! I’ve never heard so many damn grown people in my life complain and tell YOU the supervisor what they NOT gonna do!! Call ins, late, total insubordination and we continue to employ them. No disciplinary action BC they’ll try and fight it and the union finds a way to dismiss charges. Noooooooo accountability whatsoever… Any other job YOUR ASS WILL BE UNEMPLOYED. Not here, and its sad. Management needs to schedule accordingly, to the needs of the office, pay attention to employees moves. It’s alot that’s behind the scenes you all don’t know. USPS gotten worse over the last 15 years! Sad but true. I do commend all carriers and clerks, its a pretty strenuous line of work for those who pick up the slack from their lazy coworkers who become supervisors being lazy!


You are missing the point. College educated and multi lingual aren’t the requirements. As for your top 5%, it doesn’t matter if you were in the top 5% if they only hired the top 2%. The process for the 473 exam is that they work down from the highest scores until the vacancies are filled. A veteran doesn’t get automatic hiring, they get a 5 or 10 point bonus based on further conditions (service related disability primarily). Assuming the Capital Times has reasonably accurate numbers veterans account for about 17% of postal employees, a far cry from your presumed 50%+. As for UPS salaries. New carriers also start under $20/hr and don’t hit that much for almost 3 years. As for the police thing, it is both silly and wrong. It is silly because the two jobs are unrelated and we shouldn’t judge the reasonableness of the salaries for letter carriers based on cops. Wrong because the median salary for American cops is almost 60,000 with the comparable postal data set.


Trump commented on the amount the Postal Service was making off each parcel…NOT the workload impact on employees.


Suck it up!! I’ve been with the P.O. 24 years. We all start as “scrubs” and work long hours. Eventually you reap the rewards. How you approach the job is half the battle. Constantly griping and complaining just makes the job that much more tedious. You’re making good money. If you’re working that many hours, just be patient. Your time will come!


Yeah, and what if your “local store” is Walmart? No thanks. I’ll continue to avoid that crazy shit when I can and have Amazon drop it on my porch in two days. Much better selection too.


you joined this morning to “challenge” me with that tendentious statement?

because of the nature of the contract issues involved in days off and overtime pay for postal workers, and because of the very different ways that employee schedules are created in grocery stores, restaurants, or other similar businesses compared to scheduling for postal workers, this isn’t an apples to oranges comparison this is an apples to diesel engines comparison.


APWU (American Postal Workers Union), National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC), National Alliance Of Postal and Federal Employees (NAPFE), National Postal Mail Handlers Union (NPMHU), and National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association (NRLCA) ought to turn up the pressure on the USPS. I understand that it is difficult to turn away high value customers when a business is underwater, but running employees ragged isn’t a viable long term strategy. (nor is it ethical)


They shouldn’t be to worried it’s all going to be robotics and drones soon.


Probably explains this viral video.


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