Analyst: Apple's poor earnings will recover now they've switched from innovating to rent-seeking


You are disingenuous. In the other thread, you asked a bogus question to mock me. Here you take a chosen example out of many: the only data that is officially encrypted on icloud servers.

Oh: and password are not hashed on icloud, they are encrypted. The associated sites are transmitted in clear. Apple knows for which sites you saved a password. I don’t want that.


I seem to have hurt your feelings, and you cannot entertain the notion that others want to engage with you honestly. That’s certainly your prerogative. Ciao!


In what way? There are big tech companies that push products that are anti-user, that make the world a worse place. Why is saying that aloud smug or pompous?


You did not hurt my feelings, you are simply talking like a troll. That is a different thing. Here, for example, the affirmation that “I cannot entertain the notion that others want to engage me with honesty” is categorized as a faulty generalization:

In the other thread, here:

I actually supposed that “others” (you) wanted to engage me with honesty, since I took the time to answer your question. You demonstrated that you did not engage me with honesty, so I don’t entertain that notion any more with a particular person: you. Not in a general manner, just you.


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