Facebook says iPhone OS will results in a 50% drop in Audience Network publisher revenue

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I just grabbed this pic to post here - shakes fist at sky


May suggest a Mr Burns saying “Excellent”? Or Krunk saying “Oh yeah, It’s all coming together”?


It’s the vig Fecesbook charges vultures to circle you.



Welcome to the Human Race - Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken in Escape From LA


The ONLY good thing about Escape From LA was the ending.


They even wasted Steve Buscemi. SMH.




More companies need to take steps like this to put control back in the consumers hands. Apple is no stand out here, despite this move.

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Apple is no organization of saints, but between the two companies, I’d much sooner tie Facebook to my car’s bumper



Mark - headline should say ‘result’ not ‘results’

I refer you to my earlier tongue in cheek comment. Are you trying to make this a thing?

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This is why my Facebook usage is limited to one iPad, with no logins or cookies on my other devices and computers. No Instagram either. WhatsApp is more problematic, but no one tries to reach me on that so it may soon be deleted.

Sequels. :nauseated_face:

Just so folks know there is another side to this, the company I work for depends on mobile advertising heavily for our business. We’re expecting revenue drops of around 30% from this. We can weather it, but a lot of small companies can’t. Ad tracking is not what most people imagine it to be, and a lot of peoples’ jobs depend on it. It also makes advertising more relevant for you, which everyone seems to agree they want. Feel free to pile on me about this if you must. I didn’t invent these systems, and it’s not my fault that my job depends partly on it. Ad tracking IDs are also used for lots of other things, like saving your progress in mobile games. Entire categories of features are being broken by this. Not saying this change is good or bad, just that it is a lot more nuanced than “ha ha evil Corp can’t sell my sekrets no more”

iOS 14‌ has a prominent “Tracking” section in the Privacy portion of the Settings app, where users can disable the option for apps to track them all together.

This is not exactly right. The tracking options already exist in iOS13. What’s changing here is iOS14 defaults to “no tracking”. Since nobody will ever go in and manually turn it back on, it’s effectively the end of ad tracking on iOS.


yep. It’s a lot worse, if you ask me. Most people think it’s just so that they get tampon ads when they’re about to have their period, and ads for nachos when the superbowl is in a few days. What it really is, is thousands of corporations gathering practically all the information that runs through your phone in order to make capitalism run faster, without actually asking anyone’s permission.

“oh, you clicked yes on the TOS” well, the choices on this fucking contract of adhesion were either:

  1. Agree to 50-300 pages of dense, indecipherable legalese written by a team of a hundred lawyers of varying fields of expertise. A contract a layperson almost certainly can’t understand and even likely most lawyers wouldn’t be able to understand without a few extra quarters of education in that specific field
  2. You don’t get to use the software.

There is no option to negotiate your rights, it’s entirely one-sided. Great. Super fair to the consumer.

I want to see no ads. I want to see content.


Then pay for it. People won’t pay for what content costs to make which is why ads exist. The games I work on, for example, take hundreds of people and years to make.

Wow, really? A tiny violin for thousands of people losing their jobs over something they have nothing to do with an no control over? Nice.