And how exactly can I make money using this?

Because I don’t have a lot of use for impromptu games or duck in mandarin.

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I was talking about Google’s new AI thing. Did I manage to post in the wrong spot? I love all the new AI tools coming out, but still stumped on how I could make an honest buck with them. The abilities of google’s AI seem impressive, but how -useful- in every day life? So far it’s an AI + wiki + impressive visual reasoning skills and combinatronics automagical suggestion engine.

Oh that’s easy: you can’t. There is almost no honest way to use them in most jobs, and to use them in most hobbies is to defeat the purpose of having the hobby.

Coming up with amusing or illustrative images to use in blog posts (when carefully and clearly labelled as such) may be a legitimate honest use of them.

The point, of course, is that there was never any impetus for any of this technology would make you money. It is there to make money from you. It is to make you buy access to it, on the basis that you might be able to make an honest buck from it (spoiler: you can’t). It is there to sell to companies, so that they can pretend their use of it is ethical while they figure out how to use it to make entire swathes of their workforce redundant by delivering the automated pretence of human connection to anyone trying to contact that company.

Trying to figure out how you can make money from it is a hiding to nothing. The point was never that you make money from it. The point is that they’re using it to make money from you.


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You could set up your AI as a cryptocurrency investment advisor.

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Buying NFTs would be the very first tip!

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