Andrew Yang leaves Democratic Party to form his own

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some good ideas — ranked-choice voting, UBI, bureaucricide — carried along by rainbows and unicorns

Even the seemingly good ideas are ultimately self-serving ones for this techno-utopian Libertarian in a progressive’s clothing.

Unfortunately, the American system only allows room for a party duopoly. The only change you see in that system is when one of the parties splits and self-destructs. Instead of wasting time with Yang’s “free”-market fantasies we should focus on hastening the demise or at least the gelding of the GOP.


A business-obsessed political platform that also has big ideas for safety net overhauls? Hmmm, I wonder which side of the platform will become Immediately Actionable and which side will quickly become “We really believe in this stuff, we just can’t find the support!” I just don’t see how this is any different from the current democratic party, except that he’s trying to boost the hype on both sides of the coin. I mean, Democrats don’t lie about their social and economic justice ideals while simultaneously ratcheting for corporate interests enough for him?


Losing doesn’t have to be the end of the road. For those who can’t take a hint, you have options! Start your own party, start your own app, start your own news channel.

In Canada , Maxime pulled that stunt and was quite effective - to this point. He’s paying his bills, grifting the weak. And when that new scheme fails, pick up a new outrage and milk that. The ego trip never has to end!

Gone are the days of graciously accepting defeat and fading off into the sunset.


Yang is a billionaire, he can do whatever he wants.

Now read that again…

He’s butt hurt about his dismal turnout in that election, and he aims to let us all know.


Yang wasn’t even a millionaire, oddly enough, according to his paperwork last year. The WSJ estimated $800k plus equity. Though his latest book (titled “Forward”) has surely gotten him there. No big exits. He became a millionaire in the early 2010s, by his own claim, but he’s definitely at the end of politics where you inflate your wealth for credibilty rather than downplay it.


It’s one thing to be for ranked choice voting. I’m for ranked choice voting. It’s something else entirely, and shockingly irresponsible, to enter a first-past-the-post election with a third candidate when one of the major parties is running a fascist.


And Yang’s first big interview after announcing this is with Tucker Carlson. He can fuck all the way off.


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Forward Party: “Not Left, not Right, but Forward”

(Don’t blame me! i voted for…)


Yeah even if your third party has some good ideas and a solid platform you’re much more likely to create positive change running for state and local office than running a spoiler candidate in a Presidential election you have zero chance of winning.

If you think your party is ready for the big leagues then prove it: show you are capable of putting together a nationwide political coalition ready to support your cause or candidate.


Well given that his take on the UBI boils down to gutting the social safety net to hand a poverty wage to everyone up to and including billionaires that one might surprise you.


See: Nader, Ralph and Perot, H-fucking-Ross and what happened in the '92, '96, and '00 elections and then tell me how a third party presidential candidate is a good way to advance your cause under the electoral college.


I feel… Ok with this.


Because none of them came close to winning and Nader as a spoiler for Gore is vastly overblown? :woman_shrugging:


The final certified count in Florida only put Bush ahead by 537 votes. Nader won 97,488 votes in Florida. If those Nader voters had instead split their votes 49.5% towards Bush and 50.5% towards Gore, then Gore would have won. Unless you think that. Nader voters would have mostly gone to Bush (which seems very unlikely) it’s hard to see how he wasn’t a spoiler.


Or… and hear me out… maybe Gore could have worked harder to win those votes…? Third way politics of the Dems and Labour has fucked both parties for a long time now.

Not everyone agrees that the Democratic party “deserves” votes just because they are not the GOP.


Well sure, but that’s also the case for any election that gets thrown by a spoiler candidate. Or do you disagree with the very concept that a candidate with no chance of winning can be a spoiler in a close election?