Angry gentleman possibly inebriated, breaks $1,350 multicopter

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Good grief, $1,350… I thought these were getting cheaper.


They are getting cheaper, but there’s new cutting-edge designs coming in at the high end.


“Good grief, $1,350… I thought these were getting cheaper.”

Microbuses are going up in value. $1350 is a dream.


A good start. People should understand how irritating they are being flying these things around.


Can we have a more accurate headline? Howzabout:


Loud, Irritating, and Invasive Surveillance Machine Disabled by Everyday Hero



good riddance. if the drone was close enough that he could swat it like a bug, it’s safe to say that the thing was intruding on personal space.


Witness the future of drone delivery services.


Wait, we’re talking about the cars, right? Because they scare my horses, people driving them everywhere. It’s almost like someone can’t walk into the street without being hit by a speed-crazed lunatic possessed by demon petroleum vapours.


Christ, what an asshole. Love all the commenters here defending destruction of private property because it’s irritating or loud.

They were calibrating it on an empty street, away from people. The guy clearly walks up to them to start an altercation. Unless they were divebombing him or something in an unseen interaction, how can you justify his actions - legally or otherwise?


Yeah, that’ll fly.


Oh, what a hatefest brewing here! I bet even the haters enjoy a nice drone-shot video here and there.

Looks like a minor damage on the optics cover, possibly also on the propellers, but the hull seems to be intact. The fragment visible on the video seems to be the shard from the lens cover. (According to the article the damage is the lens cover glass, three propellers, and cracked outer shell. Not much of damage for such crash, I’d say.)

If you saw the video, you could have noticed that the guy in question walked in from a distance, thus bringing said personal space actively and voluntarily into the drone’s closeness.


All the privilege!
In the streets
In this thread

I always flew my expensive toys in a park rather than on a public street where random drunk can smash them. To be fair though model planes are not reviled on sight (fairly or unfairly) as tools of surveillance.

* * * SYNOPSIS * * *

Shirtless Scotsman: Urrr! Hulk smash!

Hipsters: Dude doubleyou tee eff?


christ what an asshole. okay they can be annoying i get that but that does not give one the right to just smash it like that. not even a simple polite please could you do that elsewhere which may have most likely worked.


Yeah, we probably should be talking about cars. The suit-threatening owner of that toy was flying it low in the middle of a public thoroughfare. He’s as much at fault as the old, inebriated jaywalker when it comes to the law.

It probably varies with municipality, but historically far less expensive remote controlled toy airplanes and the like were commonly restricted to offstreet use, and aficionados knew the protocols for public use. If he wanted to “calibrate it”, he should not have done so in any street. The street he was doing it in was most certainly not “empty”; it was full of parked cars, and was clearly in use.

This is not a novel point of law or public courtesy. We have had people flying remote-controlled toys for decades and there are rules in place for doing so which can and should be applied to UAVs… even when the owner is a spoiled tech hipster. See below for a synopsis of some of the Rules of Operation for flying these things at the most hedonistic site on the planet, Burning Man:

'7. Keep 100 feet horizontal separation away from all heavy equipment and work crews.
'8. Keep 100 feet horizontal separation away from all ground vehicles,
artwork, sculptures, guidewires, kites, tethered aviation, etc.
'9. Avoid flying over or close to people, AMA recommendations are horizontal separation of 25 feet at least.


Wait 'til they start using 12 gauge shotguns! It’ll happen…


I was prepared to share that point of view if the drone operator had flown it right up to the drunken neighbor but from the full video it’s clear the opposite is true. The drone wasn’t near anyone until he approached it. And at the time it wasn’t invading anyone’s privacy any more than the camera which took the video footage above.


A civil-liberties chimpanzee for our time!


Are they keeping random drunks out of parks now?