Another World: Survival turns an old game into a new challenge

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I was fascinated by this game as a kid, but I could never get very far. I have a feeling making it 8-bit won’t help me get any further. :frowning:

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Man, this is awesome! What are those black snakes?

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Get a ROM of the original or fork out for the GOG remix! It’s a fantastic game, though very much a thing of its time.


Wow! I’ve never heard of this game! Such a jewel!

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Thanks a lot all - glad you like my “tribute” game. :blush:
If it helped you to (re)discover the original game, then that’s a bonus too! :smiley:


You know, I started a Pico-8 tutorial a while ago, and got halfway through it, but seeing your game has again rekindled my interest in making games.

I’m a front-end developer, so I’m not a stranger to coding, but making something like a game is quite hard. Any tips for not giving up?

It’s really not - especially compared to doing “day job” development stuff! :wink:

As for tips…

#1) I highly recommend the following “zine” by Dylan Bennet:
(It covers pretty much everything from scratch - with a 2nd issue on the way)

#2) Start small. Create something very simple, enjoy it, then keep building bigger/better things/games as your skills and confidence grows.

#3) Bookmark the official PICO-8 resources page for more info, links, videos & references.

#4) Join some of the many PICO-8 communities (in link above) to get inspired, ask Q’s & get feedback.
Personally, I prefer Twitter and I’m very active here (@Liquidream) - but there’s many options for all tastes.

Hope that helps. Maybe I’ll see you around?! :smiley:

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Thanks for taking the time to reply! Yes, I’ll be making something soon!

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