Anti-DRM demonstrators picket W3C meeting


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Well that’s good. With so many world-destroying and people-killing issues competing for our attention, it’s nice some people have time for less dramatic issues. I would be curious to know if most of those people protest other issues all the time, or if they’re mostly one-issue protestors?


I’m not sure if you’re being snide, but I do think it’s a worthy cause. The internet has become a big part of our lives, and what happens today will have consequences tomorrow; see the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986. However it is certainly a very ‘first world’ issue and as you said there are many compelling causes out there.


The DRM on your eBooks and movies and songs may not be life threatening, but what about the DRM on medical devices? Baby monitors? Alarm systems and surveillance cameras? Cars? We’ve already seen plenty of examples of how DRM could kill by preventing disclosure and patching of security flaws in these kinds of systems.


You shouldn’t be sure, because I wasn’t sure myself. Let’s call it demi-snide.


Fucking Stallman. There is a poster child for rationality.


The W3C works on medical devices?


Not sure about that, but there are certainly internet-connected medical devices, which allow remote wireless software updates, and might have associated DRM, or a user interface of some kind, or interactions with more full-function web connected devices.


But this was a W3C protest…


DRM’s a bad idea, wherever it manifests.


So? I highly doubt the protestors care about DRM only because W3C is involved - they care about DRM in general, and (reasonably, IMHO, whether they’re right or not) that opposing DRM everywhere is the best route to eliminating it where it really matters. Also, the web touches just about everything at some point. Does your health insurance company’s website involve DRM? Your doctor’s or hospital’s digital health record software? And even DRM on books and movies can look a lot different in more oppressive regimes.


I didn’t realize this was the general “Anti-DRM” thread. I figured we were discussing it (and the protests) in the context of the W3C.

Carry on.


A) Thread drift happens.

Secundus) The W3C protest occurred in the wider context of DRM. It’s pointless to try to limit other posters to the more limited context of just the W3C. You can limit yourself, if you like.

iii) Thread drift happens.


Are you saying Thread Drift happens?


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