Anti troll measure for "Hot Button" topics

The flood of new users who signed up just to troll the Ferguson discussion got me thinking:

What if certain “hot button” topics that are likely to bring out the trolls (politics, guns, etc) were marked with a special tag that either imposed a waiting period for brand new users to post comments or automatically held them for moderation?



This has been discussed in a variety of forms

First I have heard of making it a per-topic thing, though I suspect you would want to trigger this behavior automatically based on the number of new users entering a topic.

After (x) new users enter a topic and post (y) times, trigger “community/mod approval for all new user posts” mode.


You could probably come up with a ‘controversy index’ for individual posts by looking at the ratio of replies to likes…

Mine data from google trends, and apply a sliding timer of how long a new user must wait based on key world analysis of the post blog post itself.

Additionally, sentiment analysis could tell if a trending topic is getting out of control.

I’ll have a prototype built this evening :smiley: (okay, tomorrow morning)

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