Antidepressant use by moms during pregnancy linked to increased autism risk


I hope we can work out the mechanisms behind autism before long.

More chance of effective treatment, and less fuel for the crazy fire!


I’m more confused by the PhotoshopDisasters image at the top. I’m trying to work out some way that the transparent arm is symbolic, but I think it’s much more likely that the creator simply forgot to put the opacity back up to 100% when swapping out different fake things that the kid is supposed to be drawing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you. She actually gets kind of scary not functional and with having a kid who needs so much attention, I’m relieved to know she can be on antidepressants.


yep. it’s a cohort study and the absolute risk difference is quite small - so all you can deduce is that it may be worth looking for causation.
There are an awful lot of confounders that would be difficult to control .People who end up on antidepressents may represent quite a different group who may at baseline (before antidepressenets) be at higher chance of having kids with ASD but also if they are more familiar with mental health services may push for a diagnosis of their child earlier etc.


Good on you for honouring his courage. In 1998 there was no where near the support network for those on the spectrum.


Sorry for being a bit intense. I hope I did not cause offence however this is an issue close to my heart.


I find that people I meet with autistic or non neurotypical traits are some of the most honest people, with the most integrity, I’ve ever met. I hate xmas but a friend of mine wants some company during this time. I have offered to be there for her.

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