Genetic links between creativity, schizophrenia, and autism

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This is nonsense. Vaccines cause creativity.


I keep saying I am just creative but they still wont let me out.
Truth is Apserger or now high function autistic spectrum can be hell when you test out in the top percentile IQ(for whatever that is worth) and creative; but too many ‘normal’ people assume that your social geekieness is a sign of ultra low function. After forty years or so of hell I gave up and now work independently consulting or flying and let organizational politics rot, refusing any jobs where I smell disdain for my ‘thing’. Fortunately I have the flexibility and barely the income to pull this off.
I am fortunate that my wife is an April to her pet ninja turtles and my kids totally understand me(all also aspy) to the point of once using the X-men analogy of us vs normals to explain their school stress; I need to check out the democratic school.
I get the schizophrenia angle too, how much of that is crossing over from being a weirdo with an open mind to paranoia and delusions, it takes some discipline to every day keep checklisting behaviour and thoughts as appropriate or not as well as sanity checking attitudes and ideas with trusted normal folks.

  1. Spectra.

  2. And at least some of the social issues of autistic people are secondary to bullying, to struggling under sensory bombardment, to social norms which assume everyone does eye contact, and does facial expressions the same way, reading and not being misread, etc.


Lucky. I tested “very high” on creativity, but my inability to articulate in unfamiliar surroundings keeps me stuck in shit jobs where “my way or the highway” is the rule. The only thing I’ve managed to do consistently for a substantial period is Prozac and not answering the phone.

Therapists always say that “You need a job that lets you express yourself more creatively”, but it turns out that no one hands those jobs out to just anyone.


I’m pretty creative but am afraid to develop many things because there are people that will steal your ideas.

dobby knows what I mean.

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Vaccines cause people to be artistic.


Don’t worry about it. The ideas will get stolen, but you’ll hone your skills and can see the success/failure of said ideas on somebody else’s investment. Meanwhile you can play with more ideas.

A stolen idea sucks. But a never-touched idea sucks way WAY more.

Also consider that the same idea usually came to at least a couple dozen other people worldwide, so no point in not doing it just for the fun and kick and shits and giggles.


In life I have had to learn the hard way that ideas(especially my own) are great but have very little monetary or other value outside of my own worldview until you have the support and finance to implement. The difference in value between an idea and an idea with support structure and a sales team is like the value of a kg of oxygen or a tool at sea level vs at a Lagrange point.


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