AP: the mob who attacked Hong Kong protesters were rural thugs hired by gangsters

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/07/24/cui-bono-carrie-lam.html

“Bikers for Trump” eat your heart out.


So they hired rednecks to cause trouble in the city?

See, we’re not so different after all!


Man, this playbook is being used everywhere.


This will easily happen in the U.S. Our thugs probably won’t even need to be paid as long as they get to beat up protestors.


So in this case, probably hired by the government, and not gangsters? Misleading headline.


Based on the targets and the lack of police response, that was pretty much what everyone presumes, but there’s apparently less clear evidence of the Chinese gov’t hiring the Triad, but there is enough for them to say it was Triad hiring rural thugs.


So if they were OK with beating up strangers for $250 I would imagine they would be happy to reveal the name their recruiters for roughly the same amount?
That’s a kickstarter I’d be happy to contribute to.


Seems likely their recruiter would probably beat/kill them (or their family, etc) if they did so, whereas beating up the protesters carries no chance of that.
Double crossing a government backed mob seems unhealthy. Going along with said government backed mob seems profitable, if morally rotten.


Reminds me of this insightful analysis.

Been there, done that, got the white T-shirt with blood stains:

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Many warned the police on the morning that something was going on, and police did absolutely nothing during the entire day,
Police came to the scene 30 mn after the fight only! despite thousand of calls.
Do you need more evidence?
Or the congratulation from pro-Beijing lawmaker to the gang leader?
Still not a clue?
If it was not the Chinese Government behind this, who? Trump?
It’s time to open your eyes.

Like the gangsters have anything to win if the extradition bill is approved. Clearly more the opposite.
Yes, POLICE (CHINA) paid the gangsters to hire rural thugs to keep hand clean.
Also, it will focus on a new war and forget the original fight.
Also, it will get ugly and give CHINA another excuses to come over with their nice tank.
Perfect world. Tianamen 2 on the way.

Of course I’m assuming it was the Chinese gov’t, it’s just the journalists, even in the west, aren’t saying it was the gov’t. Please spend more time convincing me of something I already believe.

ETA: Of course it wasn’t Trump, the thugs were paid up front. Trump would have promised the Triad a thousand, paid seventeen dollars and change, and he would be involved in a twitter war with the Triad over the shoddy quality of the thugs purchased.

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