Apple is world's first publicly traded company worth $1tn


Ah yes, my parents have one of those, as well as a prepaid Android from Cricket Wireless. I doubt either one cost more than $100, and if what you need out of a phone is something that makes calls, takes texts, and runs Google apps, those sorts of devices are barely adequate but do the job. But in no way would anyone see them as a realistically equivalent device to a top-of-the-line Android or iPhone.


Like I said, not my observation but that of a longtime Apple user!


Have such remarks ever really mattered? Myself, I see them as fruitless and futile. (Fruitile?)

I’ve heard many permutations since I started using Apple’s stuff, and it never mattered to me, anyway. But maybe fruitility isn’t about my needs.

This is about the only thing I’m interested from Apple these days, but given that I can only buy so much Pro hardware at a given time, it tends to not happen all that often. (Although after 5 years, I guess we are ready for a newer iPhone.)

The cap traversed exists because of the iPhone, sure. But it’s an otherwise arbitrary milestone that merely obscures how huge the other aspects of Apple’s offerings are.

Is Apple in trouble? How susceptible are they to disruption when Apple demonstrates themselves that they kill off their own best money makers in favor of something newer much of the time? I guess that means they’re susceptible, but it seems like their own best enemy is themselves here. Is that a problem you wanna have?

And: is that really necessarily a problem? Consider the billions in the bank, and the fact that you’d have to wait for new tech anyway, I guess I’m just not seeing where anyone should care about how “un-diverse” Apple is right now.


What happened?

No commentary on Apple’s…
Amassing of obscene wealth?
Natural resource consumption & generated mountains of e-waste?
Worker abuse/exploitation in China?


The “worker exploitation” thing was long since shown to be vastly overblown and they’ve been moving production of some items domestically.

Apple does more to recycle and reuse waste from their products than any of their competitors.

And yes, they have been a very successful company.


Apple is world’s first publicly traded company worth

Yeah right. Like Sally Ride was the first women in space. /s

It is the first publicly traded US company worth $1tn.

PetroChina hit $1tn in 2007.

BTW The publicly traded Dutch East India Company was worth $7,6tn (adjusted) in the 17th century.


Well, I didn’t want to go there, but yeah. That’s a problem. I believe corporations owe an immense debt to the civilization that enables them to thrive, and to the people that make them thrive in the first place.

What is the point of wealth, if not to make both better for everyone?


I’d actually question the net income per category that you posted - as far as i know, apple doesn’t break out data like that, so it’s likely just a guess. Or maybe i don’t understand what they mean by “iPhone net sales,” for instance. I don’t think it can be net income.


It’s the 21st century. The English speaking world have moved over to the short scale.

If you’re going to be pedantic, at least use a language where you’d be technically correct.

I use engineering scale, translation: 1.E12 USD ± 50%. (terrible tolerance because the headline only specified one significant digit)

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