Apple issued an emergency update for malware that can turn on mic and camera without the user clicking anything

Don’t be daft. Mostly this stuff is bought by governments and their intelligence forces. No way will anyone do anything to disrupt that.

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uh… so if I’m running 10.13.6 High Sierra, I’m screwed?
Or am I, as youngsters are to Covid, invulnerable?

There’s a huge difference between a seldom requested feature only wanted by enthusiats, e.g. manual transmissions, and basic security features that almost the entire world realizes we desperately need. While it’s true most iPhone users probably wouldn’t care or use said feature (they seem to love using biometrics, so selling them on security is probably a waste of time anyway), having a very cheap cutoff switch they can ignore is nothing like a very expensive alternative option like a manual transmission in a car.

Presumably you’ll get a blackmail message accompanied by a video of yourself masturbating like in that one episode of Black Mirror.

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