Edward Snowden performs radical surgery on a phone to make it "go black"


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render it blind and deaf except when you connect external sensors to it.

That needs the cursory warning: “don’t do this at home kids”.


be careful though if you do this it’s impossible to make it “go back”


And if you make it go black you hear Satan speaking.


Mr. Yallow will benefit from this knowledge.


Once I start messing around inside my phone with a soldering iron, I’m quite confident I could make it go black.


DIY blueing can also go awry


I’m not really good at fiddling with electronics so I had to come up with another way to test if I’m being monitored.

I just talk about killing politicians and building bombs a lot on the phone. So far no problems, so I think I’m in the clear.


I hand my phone over to one of my two Muslim co-workers and they just chat about nonsense for a few minutes. Same here, no commandos rappelling from silent choppers, silencers seen coming round the corner with intent to do harm, etc. So far…


It’s funny that some of us grew up being told that Jesus sees and hears everything we do, so we should be on our best behavior, but then you get older and realize it’s the government who is interested in seeing and hearing what you’re doing, and it’s just as creepy as thinking that Jesus watches you masturbate.


I actually liked that one.


I think it’s funny how the various things totally fail to mention it’s discussing a tool called FlexiSPY that allows you to trigger the mic remotely and all the other “dire” stuff the VICE segment discusses.

The problem is, installing FlexiSPY requires you have physical access to the smartphone to install the software. The software requires you either root or jailbreak the target device (which is part of the reason it first requires physical access).

And, most importantly, FlexiSPY only works on rooted Android devices and jailbroken iOS devices running iOS 9.1 or earlier. For these exact security reasons, Apple disables the ability to restore to a previous version of iOS shortly after a new version is released.

Basically, I’m saying this entire segment looks like clickbait/FUD…



You’re a real lifesaver! I was just about to coat my phone in hot wax-- (to protect the finish). And you saved me from a potentially expensive mistake. Thank you.


why cant we just add a physical switch for the camera and mic?


The question isn’t are you paranoid- it’s are you paranoid enough?


Can you ever trust the physical switch if it’s in a sealed phone? Lenscaps are easy, microphone switches are hard, provide one more point o failure for regular use and cost the manufacturers money.

My solution is to leave the phone in the car and have a conversation elsewhere. Or perhaps forget it on my nightstand, oops!


Jesus has boring kinks.


I bet he was happy when mankind finally got off its collective ass and created internet porn so he doesn’t have to do the whole ceiling cat thing anymore.

Edit: To be fair, Jesus probably had his fill of exhibitionism, bondage, and snuff 2000 years ago.


From the GIF, I was expecting him to snort a line before working on his phone.


Oh, Jesus!