Apple robot that disassembles iPhones


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Now if they could just make a robot that will repair my phone instead of them suggesting I buy a new one. That would certainly aid in recycling and recovering a majority of the parts in my phone and would hopefully save me some money.


You can’t just give something like that a name like “Daisy” and then not add a menacing pair of googly eyes.


“According to the Apple report, Daisy can recover 1,900 kilograms of aluminum (used in enclosures), 770kg of cobalt (a material crucial for making batteries), 710kg of copper (crucial in circuit boards) and 11kg of rare earth elements (which play a role in controlling magnets, and also are used in the cameras and haptics devices).”

Per day? Week? Ever? Is there a Daisy Disassembler for when she reaches the cap?


I’m thinking “Daisy Bell” or Mike Daisey.


Can Daisy disassemble a Daisy?


♬ Daisy, Daisy give me your heart to do. I’m half crazy, hopeful in love with you !♬


Quibble all you want to, I’ve been saying for years that Apple should do this. Now that they are, I’m going to enjoy the moment.


There’s hope for humanity yet…


I’ll second the “if only they made products that were user-serviceable and didn’t intentionally break older products with software patches” line of thought that I’m sensing is floating thickly here.


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