Apple says no to app that detects net neutrality violations


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Well duh it would register iOS and the walled garden as a problem.


Gosh, why in the hell would they do that?



Don’t forget iGirl (2009)

Press one for Net Neutrality issues. Please hold…


Let’s not get too crazy. One vote in the senate and then it needs to be passed by the House and signed into law by one exceptionally healthy, definitely not unstable, boy.


Could be a conspiracy like Rob suggests. Could also just be that Apples App Store approval process is stupid, arbitrary, and just generally broke but otherwise not malicious. My brother is an app developer and has had some really stupid run-around a getting his stuff approved. It makes you wonder if the reviewers can read English and have basic jr. high level comprehension skills. Experience would say no they can’t & don’t.


That’s exactly the plan though. Democrats want it to be shot down by Republicans once they get that one vote they need so they can use that as ammunition with the next elections.


This and their recent employment announcement makes it appear they have joined Team Evil.


I don’t think there’s a conspiracy. I just think that people have unrealistic expectations of corporate rectitude in situations like this.


Conspiracy confirmed.


Can you go into more detail? Is it your point that iOS apps slow down some traffic?


Sorry mostly just channeling Cory a bit there.


Bingo. It’s why I’m always upset about the fact I can’t sideload apps or change the UI on my iPhone (but at least it’s a pretty handset).


That’s exactly what an Apple sleeper agent would say. /s


Time to ditch your iPhone, donate to the FSF and remember to never, ever rely on proprietary software for anything.


They should file a Tech Support Incident (TSI) with inquiring as to what “objectionable content” in this case refers to. At best they might re-think their decision, at worst, you get to repost their response for lolz. Win-win.

The TSI online form now has a specific category for following up on Store rejection.

Also, get a media bigwig to email directly. His office usually responds.


Without seeing the code, it could be any reason, maybe he checks the pornhub url, maybe he uses swear words and hasn‘t set the age restriction. Could be a lot of reasons, most of apple‘s guidelines are pretty clear.

Edit, there‘s an update on the source article:
Update: After this article was published, Apple told Dave Choffnes that his iPhone app, designed to detect net neutrality violations, will be allowed in the iTunes App Store. According to Choffnes, Apple contacted him and explained that the company has to deal with many apps that don’t do the things they claim to do. Apple asked Choffnes to provide a technical description of how his app is able to detect if wireless telecom providers throttle certain types of data, and 18 hours after he did, the app was approved.


Sure, but Apple has a history if playing favorites, not being consistent with how they enforce their guidelines, consistently rejecting apps that should be ok because it competes with features that Apple is developing themselves, etc.


I kind of wonder whether they even thought about putting the app on the Android store, whether it’s publicly available yet, and what the friggin’ name of the app might be so I can get fired up over Ajit Friggin-Pai some more!