Apple supports California right-to-repair law

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Good news? It’s so hard not to assume some cynical and destructive goal by Apple here because of [waves hands at all the shit they have pulled for decades]but it sounds good. Too good to be true… it’s a trap isn’t it?


I have to wonder what carve outs has Apple introduced to the bill. Hmmmmm.


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New York’s legislators passed the nation’s first Right to Repair law last year

While that’s true for consumer electronics, Massachusetts had the first Right to Repair law (for automobiles.)


A step in the right direction. Though should be “you paid for a device, you can do whatever you want to it”


With Apple, it’s kind of a weird beast. It started off as something made by a hacker and his designer friend for other hackers, and kept at its core how the devices would be used more than the question of keeping everything free to modify. And Apple computers have always gone between hack the heck out of them and being a box that was closed for a reason (those old cathode ray tubes could kill you if they discharged!). Then they went back to courting the “rip mix burn” generation, then deciding manufacturing costs and design were more important than making repairs or upgrades possible.

I think enough people within Apple see this as a chance to influence Apple itself, that by backing this law (and a similar one moving through the EU) they can force other manufacturers to play by the same rules. Apple apparently thinks they can still make high quality devices that can be maintained and repaired more easily than Huawei, LG and Lenovo can.

I would not want to bet which of the top brass at Apple are pushing this, but I suspect Mr. Supply Chain himself, Tim Cook, signed off on the support. And the fact that Jony Ive has left probably plays into it as well, with his design fetish no longer restricting what Apple can do.

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My guess is that this might have more to do with legislation coming from the EU, with them wanting to push for more standardized ports, cables, ease of repair, etc. While the US is way behind on right to repair it’d make sense for Apple to go in that direction if they’re likely going to be forced to do so by the EU.

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