Apple to limit third-party tracking in children's apps

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Maybe they could limit third party tracking in ALL apps, not just kids’ apps.

But I guess that would interfere with profits.


I suppose it’s never too early to give your child a pseudonym.

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What’s up with WSJ working to limit the profits and freedoms of our giant tech overlords? If they are able to track us via their magical technology, shouldn’t they be allowed to? /s

Can’t believe that WSJ’s reporter (was allowed to) even breathe the idea of laws/regulations to limit what companies can do.

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How about no tracking on any kids apps because kids can’t legally consent to anything.

But that will deny them their right to track all the adults that use these apps, obviously!

It would interfere with developers’ profits, not Apple’s. Advertising is the primary way for developers to make money on apps without giving any of it to Apple (since Apple takes a cut of any actual payment for digital content).

I have no doubt that Apple would like to ban advertising outright. Presumably they think developers wouldn’t stand for it, and possibly at this point they’re afraid of further “antitrust” cases if they were to be seen as pressuring developers to switch to a paid model.

The other thing is that they can’t control what developers do with the data you send them anyway (it appears that apps already share data more liberally than they’re supposed to). If an app can access the network, it can send data to its developer, and that developer can send it to whoever they feel like.

To be fair, babies aren’t exactly the WSJ’s demographic. Very few toddlers have subscriptions to the WSJ.

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