Apple to pay $500m to owners of slowed iPhones

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Its preference for blackboxed user experiences “Designed in Cupertino” surely did.

Or, as the Jobs fanbois will insist, Apple always knows what’s best for its customers.


It seems like everyone’s a winner here. Dickensianly bitter iPhone 6 owners get $25, and Apple only has to empty the loose change out of their vacuum cleaner as the cost of their lucrative business model.

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Presumably, US only (he said, as a former iPhone 6 user, from when it was available to about a year ago, but in the UK).

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Phone battery gets old and can’t hold charge. Do you:

Have the phone truck along at full tilt until battery gives up, causing a sudden shutdown? Or do you throttle the speed of the phone to maintain operation for as long as possible?

I don’t know of any old rechargeable battery that has a predicable cutoff - I’ve seen 48% go to 1% and then unexpectedly shutdown.

For a company that puts UE high on the list, it seems like a no brainer. I have a 6 with a old battery. I know which option I’d like. More use, less speed? Fine.

To be up in arms about Apple “hiding” it is ridiculous. Nobody knows all what goes on under the hood in the vast majority of their technology, be it a dishwasher, a VW, or a phone.


How about getting the option to replace the battery? You’d think we’d have figured out that one out by now.

Of course, Apple was slowing down older phones with each new iOS release. You know, annually, while the battery still had a few years left.



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