Apple yanks drone-strike-tracking app from App Store


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Pity he didn’t make it available for Android.


There are loud, constant arguments between developers about whether to build for web (open), or build for “native” (better performance). This sort of a business is a glowing example of why I will always come down on the build-for-web side. Build it beautifully for the mobile web, so that it does everything the app could do, and doesn’t have to pass the censorbots to do so.


The charitable reading is that they’re planning on building this functionality directly into a future version of the OS.


They probably don’t want people to know how many drone strikes have come from the apple store.


so that it does everything the app could do

That’s often impossible, isn’t it? Web apps don’t have the same access to the phone hardware.


Look, you buy into this shit when you buy Apple. Stop buying Apple. Then they’ll change.


But in the case of likely-to-be controvesial apps, the access to the OS that is available to browsers is most likely sufficient. bbs asks for access to my desktop at word to post notifications. It would be a comparatively small ask to have Apple mobile browsers allow something like notification access vs. Asking for entry into the formal ecosystem. The latter, i think Apple would argue, implies a level of approval or even endorsement that they want to avoid.


Apple has become the Big Brother their 1984 ad campaign warned us about.
I recently got an iPhone 6 and spent one month with it before my frustration at its stupid walled garden made me get a LG G4. With Android it’s easy to sideload apps, and if you nuke your phone it’s your own damned fault. Also - I love that I can record my phone calls (both parties), which no iPhone lets you do, unless you use that awful workaround of dialing another line and patching them together, a 45 second hassle every time.


They cultivate a slightly higher-brow image than Walmart and their no-CDs-with-Tipper-stickers policy; but the logic is pretty much identical. And baked a lot harder into the firmware.


What do you use for Android call recording?

Android Call Recording - Total Recall

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