Apple's claims about recycling and sustainability are kinda entirely nonsense


You forgot to mention Free Open Source Software.

(Typed on a 2013 tablet that’s been repaired with eBay parts twice.)


?? What does that have to do with the different approaches taken in tech to backward compatibility?


You gave a good account of what you addressed, but it reads like a false dichotomy, because you (perhaps unintentionally) framed it as a choice between two closed source alternatives.

I was running Appletalk to support old macOS devices on my Linux server when Apple wasn’t shipping anything that still could, and I could run it today if I wanted to. Because open source software doesn’t necessarily require corporate patronage, eh?


Ah, I see. Your ideological FOSS blinders prevented you from being able to understand what I was talking about, because I used Apple and MS as examples, and you reflexively jump up to protest anytime someone discusses Windows Vs MacOS and neglects to mention the existence of Linux.

Let me try again.

The tech industry is full, crammed to the rafters, with dualistic warring camps. The oft-mocked example is the war between coders who use tabs and coders who use spaces. Then there’s the “mobile devices and tablets are the Wave of the Future will render PCs irrelevant” camp vs the “tablets and mobile OS’s are toys unsuited to real work” camp. And so on. Any time you get two developers together to work on a project, they will discover at least one irreconcilable philosophical difference between them. Hence the way linux distros endlessly split and multiply.

One of the many warring camps that seemed relevant to the discussion here is the “We must not discard the old ways” camp vs the “throw that ballast overboard, full speed ahead to the Glorious Future” camp. These camps are not confined to Microsoft and Apple, although that comparison was the most relevant to the discussion here. An example from a few years ago would be how the Netflix CEO wanted to go all in on streaming video and felt that his company’s disk rental service was an obsolete, outmoded anchor holding them down. Choosing a course that would continue to please Netflix’s (still quite profitable) rental customers without hindering the growth of their streaming business never occurred to him because he was a member of the Church of the Glorious Future.

Linux, being an assemblage of many FOSS projects, incorporates contributions that embrace backward compatibility and ones that look upon backward compatibility with scorn and contempt. I am sorry that I offended your sensibilities by failing to mention it above, but it is too polyvocal to make a good an example of the religious war that I was trying to discuss.


I know you can’t cover all perspectives in a readable post, that’s why I chimed in. Just trying to help out.

Yes, exactly.


Go get your battery replaced at the Apple Store before December.


And they are making moves towards automating the “reuse” thing:


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