Apps regularly spy on users; Android moreso than iOS

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https? So you’re promised end-to-end encryption, and then it leaks at the far end?

I believe it but… whaddaya do about it?

and yet somehow, apple is painted as the big baddie. go figure.

Root it; install xposed framework; install xprivacy (or one of the other xposed modules that gives fine control over permissions).


I wish I could say I was surprised, but the article makes it seem as if the OS itself is sharing, but talks about apps in its examples. And wonders why a health app would transmit search terms to the ad network that it uses.

Yes, many apps share more than is prudent, and it is a problem. Facebook also uses scummy tactics on iOS to keep running in the background against the user’s wishes. But again, it’s the app, not the operating system

On my iPhone i always make a point of switching off data access for apps that don’t need it (Settings > Mobile Data).

I’ve always wondered why they ALL need data access.

Apple is painted as a big baddie because they are, just not because of this (tracking is a domain in which Google is the undisputed big baddie). Apple tends to favour locked in monopolistic ecosystems and nasty IP legal shenanigans over privacy exploitation.

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Yup, I also have an /etc/hosts file that’s over 29,000 lines going to The thing I like most about xprivacy is that it sends random data. So not only do you block your real data, you also get to take a dump in their database.


I appreciate the sincerity of what you say and the work that people put into making those things possible. However, it’s still an Android specific after-market solution that requires its own maintenance. I spent a lot of time trying to keep my Wii and PSP unbricked and stable until they reached obsolesce, so I don’t know if I want down that path again. Plus, I could never get my mum to do it so she’ll be all over the place including me by some extension.

Something more like what Ad Block Plus and Ghostery do well and semi-automagically, would be much better.

Or even better, an OS that puts those concerns first. I know iOS isn’t inherently better than Android but a walled-garden culture does make that concern at least a little bit about that culture.


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