Arcade cabinet enthusiasts discover trove of 50+ games in ship, derelict for 30 years


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Is there a Phaeton in that awesome find?


I don’t know why, but I had the strongest sense of deja vu while reading this article.


If you are ever in the Bay Area, look up the pinball museum in Alameda, it won’t disappoint.


Just like the film Ghost Ship!


And a very long extension cord.


I never did get to the pinball museum, but I did get out to the Musée Mécanique out on Fisherman’s Wharf a couple of times. Lots of fun.


there’s a pinball museum in vegas, too, and it’s great. it’s now is a reason to go to vegas, as far as i’m concerned.


I want better pics and a list of what was saved. I think Missile Command was there…


Having seen what the interior of boats, buildings, cars, soda machines, and electronic devices look like after sitting on or near salt water for even just a decade without maintenance I can’t imagine these things were in particularly good condition.



Or perhaps Polybius?


Alameda also has its own vintage video game treasure trove:
Between the pinball museum, vintage video games, and indoor miniature golf at Subpar, Alameda is a fun day trip for the family.


Look at the photo - they found a Polybius! From the looks of the side-art, it’s the South American version, oddly enough.


Seattle’s got a great one near the International District, also:


I hope they inform the Strong Museum Of Play here in Rochester; restoring and preserving those games and others like them is literally their mission statement, so I imagine that they’d have some helpful experience.


Sit-down Tail Gunner! Man, my best score ever in a coin-op game was in sit-down tail gunner. I must have played for 30 minutes on one quarter (or two?) to the point that I had a crowd around me.

Alas, I’m still waiting for my invitation from the Star League.


Might be able to find a rich madman or guild to pay you for your services in Star Citizen when it releases :slight_smile: Gonna put all those stick based skills to work, these game pad raised millenials better watch out


This cardboard pinball Pinbox 3000 was all the rage w/ the kids at maker fair.


unfortunately, being arcade enthusiasts, the crane they used was only able to rescue 1 out of every 20 game machines…