Are you A.J. Jacob's Cousin?


Anyone who is even part Ashkenazi is related to him.

So, yeah.


On the podcast I thought he mentioned that it would be possible to submit yourself for determination of relatedness. I don’t see anything about that in the linked article - any idea?

I went to a distant family reunion last summer, basically, the descendants of my great-great grandmother (on the matrilineal line). She had like eight kids, so it was a pretty big reunion. It was pretty boring, actually, and I could see why my great-grandmother only stayed in touch with one of her sisters and one of her brothers, and why my grandmother also declined to stay in contact with anyone but those particular cousins.

But after so many generations, it hardly counts as being related anymore. If I get half of my genes from my mother, and she got half from her mother, and so on and so forth, we’re talking like what, maybe 6% of my genes from the common ancestor of the group?

So I assume that theoretically any human being could get an invite if we could establish lineage going back to our first African ancestors.

I read that something like 8 percent of Asian people alive today are direct descendants from Genghis Khan. Now THAT would be one heck of a family reunion.

Yes! Everyone is invited. First, it’s open to the public. But confirmed family members will get a bracelet. Please check out to find out how we’re related. One of the best ways: Join and get on the World Family Tree. Thanks – AJ


Each of us is cousins with every other one of us – and to all the animals and plants and other organisms, of course.

The trick is being able to name the exact relationship. If you can work out the links, I guess you feel a closer connection than you would otherwise.

Sometimes I try and tell my cat that her nth-great-grandmother was my mth-great grandmother, but she doesn’t seem to care. Possibly because I don’t know the values for n and m.

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Good idea, that way we’ll know how to keep an eye out for potential robo-replicants.

Not even 5000? Pfft! There are rural football games that have more family members show up. The only fresh blood, if any, is the opposing team.

including former New York mayor Michael R. Bloomberg who is A.J.'s wife’s great-uncle’s wife’s first cousin once removed’s husband’s uncle’s wife’s son’s wife’s first cousin once removed’s husband’s brother’s wife’s nephew

He should totally hit him up for a loan.


On your website, you recommend only 23andMe for testing. I have a couple things to say about that:

  • 23andMe has switched to the new v4 chip, which tests for significantly fewer SNPs;
  • FamilyTreeDNA’s Family Finder test and Ancestry’s new DNA test (not AncestryByDNA) are both about the same cost and come with a lot more after-purchase support by the companies;
  • FamilyTreeDNA accepts the upload of raw data from 23andMe for a discounted price versus paying for a new test;
  • You can upload your raw data to GEDmatch for free (donations gratefully accepted) to compare against customers from all three main consumer DNA testing companies.

So if you’re suggesting that people test at only the one company because that’s where you’ve tested, be assured there are other options.

Are you a public match on 23andMe?

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Please correct the headline - not

AJ Jacob’s cousin


AJ Jacobs’ cousin

otherwise people will go looking for cousins called Jacob, not Jacobs.

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And incidentally, if AJ is related to David, he’s also a cousin of Jesus…

By the way, AJ, since you seem to be responding here…to do this right, you’ll want to accept sharing invitations from your probable cousins. (hint, hint) What’s the point of doing DNA testing and making a big deal about being related to so many people if you’re not going to follow up on the results? Your inbox probably has quite a few requests, since you’ve been so public on the subject.

I predict 3rd-distant, since that’s what pretty much all AJs are to each other (hah…you’ve got the right initials!).

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