Argentine police raid programmer who discovered fatal e-voting flaws

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So if the back of the bank vault is guarded by a rickety screen door, your duty as a citizen is to pretend it’s not there. What could possibly go wrong?

HINT: Ohio 2004.


It’s seems like this has happened enough times to security researchers that they would stop contacting companies directly. Would be nice if there was a service where researchers could upload their findings in private and anonymously send the company a private invite to see the results. If the company doesn’t respond or doesn’t fix the exploit the researchers could then chose to make the findings public if they think that is best for the public good. Possibly an existing system such as wiki leaks already has these features.


Humanity must do something about the thugs of the world.



this is just sad

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Where does the inclination to shoot the messenger come from?
If the information is publicly available, what does seizing the messenger’s computers do other than make it look like the authorities are either woefully out-of-touch reactionaries or complicit in an attempted crime and trying to cover up said complicity?

White hats have it bad, why do they even bother in this climate without full anonymity?


It sends a message to the others, “do not poke in the stuff”.

Kind of like Mafia executing someone over a debt. Dead man won’t pay. But the ones alive will take care to not be late with the money.

Some are thinking too positively.

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I think it often has the opposite effect. Letting The State act like the asshats they are showing themselves to be also serves to further reduce their credibility.


It has both effects. And both apply, in different time scales; the fear for tactical decisions, the loss of credibility for strategic ones.


Well, that’s basically treason against the people of Argentina. The managers of that scam shop should be tarred, feathered, driven through the street, then buried alive under a dump truck’s load of their junk machines. That should set an example to other fucking bastards in that business.

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