Arizona man receives death threats for handing in guns to police

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Arizona man



Unfortunately it’s a Horror Story.


we need to dispose of the “good guys with guns myth” once and for all, it is soooo stupid on so many levels.

if you are a law enforcement officer who shows up at a scene where there are multiple active shooters, how for fucks sake do you tell who the “good ones” are?

if “good guys” see someone shooting someone else, how do they know if that person is a “bad guy” or a “good guy” who got there just before them and is stopping a “bad guy”? same with the “good guys” who arrive after them, ad infinitum

more active shooters and guns don’t make things better. smdh.

  1. It’s his stuff, he can do what he wants with it.

  2. Anyone giving death threats or even harsh words has lost the fucking plot.

  3. He isn’t really “making a difference” in that unless he planned to do harm with them, he didn’t actually stop anything bad from happening. I suppose its a nice gesture.

  4. The rifle is a 10/22 .22lr and for plinking cans and target shooting, it’s not something that would be used in a crime or even capable of causing the same kind of damage. The .380 ACP isn’t really used in crime much either, its rather anemic. So in terms of “amount of danger off the street” its on the low side. But like I said, he can do what he wants.


Getting them out of circulation entirely would mean that they couldn’t end up in the hands of bad guys later down the road. (My former neighbor had an impressive gun collection before someone broke into his house and took them, putting the whole bunch into the hands of criminals.)

Of course this is still a zero-sum game if the cops just sell the guns to someone else instead of destroying them.


The article says the police have to do that, but the person who handed the guns in has removed them as a threat to himself and his family. So its above zero sum for him personally.


OMG, all those upset people are suffering proxy castration, by proxy!

Let’s hold a pity party for those eunuch snowflakes.


That’s the problem here. Handing them over to Arizona cops means that they’re already in the hands of the bad guys.

If he wanted them out of action, he should’ve disassembled the guns and then used a big hammer.


I’m sure Noether would find this interesting. If danger is the conserved potential here, what is the action with the differentiable symmetry? Is it simply the change of ownership?


That last fucking paragraph, though. God damn it.


And posted a video of it.


“we need to dispose of the “good guys with guns myth” once and for all, it is soooo stupid on so many levels.”

This literally just fucking happened:

““Engle, despite his head injuries, ran out to his car in the parking lot and retrieved a pistol,” Nashville police said in a statement. “He held [the gunman] at gunpoint until police arrived.””

And you claim this is a myth?

“Good guys with guns” also stopped shooters at Pearl High School, Parker Middle School, an AT&T store in New York Mills, Freewill Baptist Church, Clackamas Mall in Oregon, Mercy Fitzgerald hospital, and other places.

No, I’m sorry, you don’t get to claim armed citizens stopping rampage killers is a myth.


Your handful of anecdotes don’t stand up to the statistics which show that if you own a gun or live around people with guns, your likelihood of dying by getting shot skyrockets in comparison to living in places where there aren’t guns, and when you don’t own a gun.

Boiling every interaction down to “good guy with a gun vs bad guy with a gun” is stupid and simplistic and wrong in that foremost dehumanizes people in order to justify killing them, and secondly assumes that escalation is always preferable to solving problems by doing non-violent things. Like talking. Its amazing the power of just talking. And when you pull out a gun then that immediately kills the possibility of dialog.


Good move by him, but if the police have to sell them again he might have been more logically consistent just smashing them with a hammer.



It’s pretty simple, really. “Good guys” is intended to be read as “white guys” in the construction “good guys with guns”.


But you get to claim your opinion trumps science, I suppose. Did you even read the thread before you Dunning-Krugered in it?


Jonathan Pring needs support. He has done a great thing.