Armani designer out after plagiarism claim


Well, that’s kind of sad, seeing as the so-called “original” is essentially a copy of ancient Celtic designs in the first place.


Yeah, they are both torques. I’m not impressed by the copying claim. It may be a copy, but it isn’t an exact copy. Meh.

I’m against unsavory blatant and opportunistic corporate plagiarism, but this case, not so much.


Chiming in to agree that they’re just torcs. I have half a dozen with different twists and caps dating back to about 1970, so if these were copyrightable, some hippy is in for an unexpected payday.


Would now be the time to bring up a clip once posted on this site?

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If that were the copying threshold the whole fashion industry would be mass of lawsuits. Usually it’s far more blatant and everyone just shrugs. A friend had a small design business and got a locally made bag of hers into a very high end NYC dept store. The next year she got no new order and saw they had a chinese made knockoff on sale. Rinse and repeat and THATS the fashion industry.

On the other hand maybe the guy should be fired simply for not being very original, if that’s what he’s being paid for.

Sounds like they made a really, really lame excuse to fire a guy for whatever other reasons.

Neither designs are unique or original. I’ve seen Celt, Greek, and Roman bracelets that were basically the same design.


Plus, I think the “knockoff” (which clearly is just a torque) is more elegant and attractive.

Very interesting. I wish she had addressed fonts in her presentation.

That’s the closest comparable item they could find? Seriously?


He should feel lucky that the Woad Lawyers are apparently busy with more pressing matters. They can be pretty nasty.

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My understanding is that fashion and recipes are two areas that cannot be copyrighted. Both areas flourish because people build upon the works of others.


Wow, that is some bullshit right there. They’re both gold coloured twisted cable torque bracelets, sure, but this is hardly an original idea. And they’re not even that similar, to begin with.

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Hold on, didn’t Armani go through the usual ritual of offering one or more of ‘it’s a common trend at the moment’, ‘a tribute to a great artist’ or just ‘two people independently stumbled on similar designs’ excuses that we expect from major retailers who copy other peoples’ works?

First thing I thought of was the Q-Ray bracelet. Now there’s some folks who ought to be sued into oblivion.


Torcs predate the Celts. I’d heard something about their origin being in Iran or the fertile crescent area. But a stiff necklace or bracelet made from twisted rods/wires/bands of metal with defined terminals is pretty much one of oldest concepts in jewelry.

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It is. By far.

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