Armstrong Zoom ISP to 1,000,000 internet subscribers: if you are accused of piracy, you may lose the ability to control your smart thermostat

Even though there’s legal remedy for false DMCA claims, often it requires the accused to file suit in response which means it gets stuck in court. So months or years go by while their Internet is still slower than dial up. It’s just sad that fraud is allowed because of the perceived importance of “intellectual property.”

The headline simply quoted the threat contained in the letter.

It’s an art form.

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Aren’t you supposed to say “And I’ve used two!” somewhere in your post?

at any rate, given internet of broken things principles it isn’t too paranoid to assume that some thermostats will cease to work altogether if they can’t call home.

“If you pay us for a service then there is a chance that we won’t be able to fulfill our end of the agreement because of a perceived malfeasance to an unrelated company.”

You are OK with this because of two buttons ?

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My BMW gives me a warning 3 minutes after I start driving then shuts up about it. “SOS system malfunction”. I will translate, “I cant see the call home box with a GPS and cell phone”! Probably because it is sitting in a closet. They can require it and my guess is water would constantly damage it every time it rains.

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The ISP didn’t mention thermostats to be helpful or informative. They did it to be intimidating. “ISP foments FUD to intimidate subscribers in letter” Better?

In other news “Ad-supported blog inflates issues to draw more clicks and enhance revenues and push agenda.” Seems correct, but I wouldn’t click on it.

but … i still get my likes, right ?

Dishonesty is good, actually, when it works in my favor.

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