Armstrong Zoom ISP to 1,000,000 internet subscribers: if you are accused of piracy, you may lose the ability to control your smart thermostat


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Remotely. Control them remotely. Even smart thermostats still have buttons and knobs. I get that it’s a sensational headline, but it’s a little overdramatic.



“In the regions in which Armstrong Zoom operates, a malfunctioning thermostat in winter could result in frozen pipes, floods, and death of pets and even people.” But how would no longer being connected to the internet cause such a malfunction? In fact, isn’t being connected to “the internet of crappy things” much more likely to cause such a malfunction? Is that paragraph actually related to the rest of the article in any logical way?


So if all 1,000,000 of their subscriber are accused of piracy, Armstrong Zoom goes out of business?

…just curious


No, they just reached the Nirvana of taking money without having to provide a service.


When they sign an agreement acknowledging that they have done so, full Internet access is restored.

But if you insist you’re innocent, you must be a witch, and the torture goes on and on…


Agreed. Every internet capable thermostat I’ve ever used can easily be controlled with one hand. Maybe even just a nose if your aim is good. Pipes freezing and people dying won’t happen just because there’s no Internet. Usually it takes a power outage.


Don’t underestimate them. They’re working on it!


“If she drowns in her innocence, then she goes to heaven. No bad thing. If she survives, then we burn the soggy witch!”



Welcome to Boing Boing!

Cory headlines are best headlines.


“It’s a fair cop…”


Which is why I will never connect my thermostat, my refrigerator, my car or anything else that I depend on to the Internet. Look at the way Net Neutrality was destroyed and then tell me if I should trust the folks who handle the traffic (and snoop on anything you do on the net).


Sounds both sensible and confusing…let’s do it!


How long before you are required to connect your car to the Internet?
(Also, in London, the Internet is pretty much essential to avoid delays, something for which I regularly thank Mr. Google.)


My favorite part is that everyone is freaking out about this because they mentioned thermostats. If they hadn’t used that word, no one would have cared even though the effects would be exactly the same.


Seems legit.

Armstrong Zoom is getting DMCA complaints, forwarded them to the customer, still getting DMCA complaints. They’re probably required to start pulling the plug on the customer to maintain their safe harbor legal status, just like web servers are required to take down a claimed infringing file.

I think that they’re being prudent in warning people that their internet-of-shit needs an internet to work.

The problem here, if any, is with DMCA complaints.


Because… FREEDOM!!!


Yeah that’s my guess on this too. Plus, they’re not on the hook with complying to even false DMCA requests which are most from what I’ve read on the matter. If this bit of news isn’t evidence enough for anyone to pull the plug on the DMCA experiment then I don’t know what is.


There needs to be more blow-back on false claims, especially deliberate false claims and cybercrud mass-claim fire-hoses that automatically fire DMCA claims. e.g. over file names remotely similar to a song titles.