Army won't answer Freedom of Information Request on its SGT STAR AI chatbot




What… do they think it incorporates mind control scripts? Or that lullaby from that Pahlaniuk novel? Maybe Snow Crash?


They just don’t want everyone to find out they are employing a call center in Delhi to field all questions.


I asked if there was really a Stargate… And he said he rather watch M.A.S.H re-runs…

Touché, Sgt. Star… Touché.


Pfft, Freedom of Information™ is only available to the NSA.


Perhaps they regard this FOIA request as frivolous. You know, for some reason.


Wonder what would happen if you tell the sgt you are part of Al Qaeda.


“…last I checked, I out-rank you!”

Better check again, fuckface. I’m a civilian. You work for me.


No, that was under the old Bill of Rights.


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