Art exhibit includes massive glass brick sculpture of a wave


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Now build one out of Lego.


The video thumbnail looked to my tired mind like some kind of long necked, faceless, shaggy, winged creature crouching on its wings like a pterasaur - at least until I read the headline. I am too enamored with that image to click play on the video.


Yea, it does not look much like the natural waves at the beginning. Also, Minecraft!


Perhaps there is a simple solution, but to me, the logistics of moving that wave piece must be a nightmare.


“Catch a wave and yer sitting on top of the World”

Beach Boys


I really don’t like this kind of art; it says too little, requires little to no skill in production and can only be made by people with lots of money to waste.


crayzee, I can actually go see this tomorrow!


This kind of thing says nothing to me, either.

However, being a painter of realism, I tend to ignore what’s happening in entire fields of art - like abstract expressionism.


I partially agree; there does seem to be a lot of “a large A built out of B” where B has nothing whatsoever to do with A. But in this case I do like the green color of the bricks and the way light goes through it – although I couldn’t see much of that in the short video. Probably pretty awesome in person.

Now if it were actually moving like a wave . . .


The original was better.


I feel the same way about abstract expressionism. Abstract plumbing on the other hand…

(Insert oblig Pollock/“Jack the Dripper” reference here.)


Or had a tunnel to walk through, or was gonna be installed in a playground…or anything.


Or a surfboard sticking out of it?


I would love to be a room with that


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