Art from iconic audio waveforms


Could the copyright holders make a claim that this is derivative and infringing? Or is there something about “transformative?” How would that work?

If you hang them upside down do you see satan?


We’d like to think it’s transformative…but we’ve also taken the step to make sure we have licenses too.

We’re pretty sure you don’t…wait…oh no…

I would hope it’s far enough removed, but it’s good you have licenses, I guess. It raises odd questions though, like what happens if you draw an X on a piece of paper and declare you have an algorithm maps music to shapes, and such-and-such song yielded the X.

Yeah, not sure. That’s above my pay grade.

The catch is that you have to buy two of them if you want to see the music in stereo.


I just received my custom Epic Frequency in the mail. I submitted a copy of 4’33":


Please tell me it’s on black velvet. :wink:

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7.1 gonna be 's-pen-sive.

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Spectrograms might be a little more difficult to identify as IP.

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