Artist who denied authenticity of painting wins in court

They didn’t mean that Doige was in possession of a quantity of LSD. It was more of a “Palmer Eldritch” scenario where his mind possessed the character of LSD itself, causing anyone who imbibed the drug to think and feel like Doige.

Good for the artist, but this nonsense should have never made it to trial in the first place.

The guy who sued is such an asshole, especially if he tries to appeal his bullshit claim.


(I know you’re not trying to make a specific point here, so if I seem like I’m arguing with you, it’s just me trying to address various facets of the issue.)

I made this remark on a previous thread about this topic, but the judge often doesn’t even have the evidence, just some idea of what the evidence will be. A list that says the evidence is X is not a good reason for a judge to decide that people can’t come to court. If, by weighing the admissions and answers of the various litigants and giving the benefit of the doubt to the party not calling for summary dismissal, the judge finds that there is no dispute or evidentiary basis, then it doesn’t go to trial. Here one party claimed to have proof Doig was lying. A judge can’t just decide that it’s no good because Doig said so, I guarantee if you ever have legal troubles you won’t want the judge making consequential decisions well before you show up in court.

I don’t know if there will ever be a good solution to legal fees (a blanket “loser pays” can lead to manifestly unfair situations.) But abbreviating the procedure by which cases get dismissed doesn’t seem like a good solution to me.

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I honestly don’t understand how this ever went to trial.

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