KAWS wins lawsuit against counterfeit operation

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Something doesn’t compute. The value of the infringing merchandise is 63M$ but the artist was awarded only 900.000 $?
In this case it seems that crime pays.


That might be the value of the merch if it were real. A $10,000 vinyl figure vs a $100 knock off.

Plus, I am sure they spent some of their money, blood from a stone and all that.

If anyone wants to get me this for my birthday?

I know, I know, I don’t deserve it. I have Boba Fetts at home…


There’s no indication that the defendants even showed up to court, so I question whether “KAWS will soon be $900,000 dollars richer.” Getting a judgement, especially if the defendant doesn’t appear, is a lot easier than collecting on the judgement.

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I, for one, don’t know how to feel.

Sure, this is blatant forgery and criminal, and should be shut down, to the extent it can be.

OTOH, I know how so many real artists feel about KAWS - that he’s a rip-off scamster himself, taking characters and art created and drawn/painted/inked by others, simply replacing their eyes and mouth with the same lazy graphic, and making million$ off the mass-produced results.

And, in the wake of the new “Andy Warhol” Supreme Court decision… it would seem to many that his type of max-merchandised “commentary-excused-fair-use-exception” art-factory’s days may be numbered.


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