Get yer seized Fyre Festival merch — straight from a U.S. Marshals auction

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What a good cause. Feel free to bid these quality items up, to help out the poor trust fund babies who got swindled in the Fyre debacle.

I wonder if they have any cheese sandwiches left?

And will any items show up 3rd-hand on the BoingBoingStore?


I am trying to find the hook in it. It isn’t kitsch, it doesn’t really have that celebrity crime vibe, nothing lurid. It was never actually a thing so there’s no nostalgia associated with it. As a collectable it seems shit, frankly.

… but you look at the prices and whaaaa? Do the people paying $300 bucks for a ball cap think anyone is gonna know wtf that logo is in ten years? Because no one is gonna know wtf that logo is in ten years.


I would hope that the money would first go to the small businesses who provided services and were unpaid at the festival site, since this really hurt a lot of them.

Although yeah, I know what the odds of that is…


This is really bad collectible crap, but the scarcity is enough of an incentive for enough fools with cash. Imagine if you were one of the superrich who were defrauded in the scam…but you still wanted to go to the party…well, now you can have that hat. Their biggest problem…emerging counterfeit Fyre merch!


It’s ironic


“I went to the Fyre Festival and all I got was this crappy t-shirt. Oh, and dysentery”


A little too ironic, and yeah I really do think


Any takers? I’ve got loads of slightly used T-shirts from long gone computer companies that I’ll ship to ya for a couple hundred, sure!


Just remember that they aren’t distressed, that’s real patina that they have! That makes them worth even more!
Yes, I am being silly.

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This is true, there were a lot of local places that were left out in the cold and hopefully they are compensated. But they should be compensated in some way that doesn’t depend on hawking useless junk at inflated prices.

And really, the people who paid to go to the show deserve their money back too, they were scammed obviously. It was a shit show all around.

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Yeah, um, this stuff may seem like an idea at closing time, but by the bright light of day…
not so much.

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But at least you didn’t die from the dysentery. :smiley:


I’d be cool with ironic, at $5/hat. Probably goes well with a lot of dead dotcom merch. At these prices, though? No thanks.

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And a generic cheese sandwich.

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