Fyre Fest 2 tickets go on sale, despite no line-up or venue

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Wow. Takes a hell of a lot of balls to run the same scam a second time while admitting you were in solitary confinement after the first time.



What the actual FUCK.


You’re burying the lede. He’s signed a deal to produce Fyre Festival the Broadway musical!

Obviously the showstopper will be “Cheese Sandwich,” even if it may be a misnomer.


I don’t understand why an additional penalty of white collar crimes like this isn’t an explicit ban on the exact same fucking activities. I’m against imprisonment for nonviolent offenses, but perpetrating crimes does need to add guardrails to future activities related to your crimes. If you’re caught selling drugs you can’t accept food stamps in your new grocery store, but if you’re caught doing the fraud, you can go right back to the fraud business? Of course, if we could focus on not just moving murdery nurses to another part of the hospital and murdery cops being bumped to a new jurisdiction, we should focus on that but…


If the last 8 years have taught me anything, grifters gonna grift.


Must be nice being White; all that privilege to fuck over people repeatedly with no real consequences.

Meanwhile, Black folks get shot & killed, just for daring to exist in White spaces.


More evidence that grifters can’t be rehabilitated. Anna Sorokin is already laying the groundwork for her next con while under house arrest, with the help of the sensationalist media. It will take less than the blink of an eye between the time Elizabeth Holmes is released from prison and the start of her new fraud. The same will go for Sam Bankman-Freid. And of course the orange-hued avatar of grifters will also be back at it if he ever faces consequences.

There’s a pathological compulsion of some sort at work with confidence artists. This is why they need to be isolated from society for the rest of their lives like Madoff was, whether or not they made the unforgivable error of conning the wealthy and powerful.


overall interest and demand in Fyre

Interest, yes - demand… not so much.

I guess he did learn from the first one - “don’t over-promise.” (Sadly the lesson he did not learn was, “don’t run a scam.”)

I can see some people buying tickets for this - ironically. They feel bad that they didn’t get to be part of the drama around the first one, so they’d buy tickets for the second one, fully knowing they’re paying money for nothing. Mostly Youtubers.


“It has been the absolute wildest journey to get here and it really all started during the seventh month stint in solitary confinement.”

LOL! Say whut???


There wasn’t even a first one, FFS.


Man, the description of Fyre Festival 1 as it was supposed to happen sounded repulsive to me. I can’t imagine handing this dude $800 even if it had been a success.


He wrote is own version of Mein Kampf, the festival version.

Something about deluded men with ambition who seek power and are sent to prison, decided to write a book… uyadda yadda.


Wow! A 50-page plan!? Here’s an excerpt.

All prison and no grifting make Billy a dully boy.
All prison and no grifting make Billy a dully boy.
All prison and no grifting make Billy a dully boy.
All prison and no grifting make Billy a dully boy.
All prison and no grifting make Billy a dully boy.
All prison and no grifting make Billy a dully boy.


Emily Blunt Lol GIF by The Animal Crackers Movie


And if he learned anything in the last 8 years, it’s that there’s a sucker born every minute.


My reaction as well, though I wouldn’t take a word he says at face value (did his prison even have the option of solitary confinement…? According to McFarland, it was because he tried to use voice notes to write a book and the prison phone to create a podcast, again, if you’re willing to take his word for it)

Apparently he is still wanted in the Bahamas


Bans like that exist in some areas. The late Kevin Mitnick was banned from using the internet for a few years. Martin Shkreli is banned for life from serving as an officer or director of a publicly traded company. The board president of a non-profit nursing home in my neighborhood was banned for life from serving on the board of any nonprofit that operates in NY after he tried to steal an office building from the charity. Donald Trump and his kids from Ivana narrowly avoided a NYAG charities ban (and Donald is subject to special extra reporting requirements if he ever wants to run a charity that operates in NY) after their Trump Foundation shenanigans.

But most of those bans are either in regulated industries (securities, charities, doctors/lawyers who lose their licenses, etc.) or part of a plea deal or settlement (e.g., Mitnick and the Trumps). It’s hard to impose a ban on grifting in general.


It’s a sickness with these types.


This time you can buy with confidence, because no one would try something this bold unless it was, like, super legit.