$12,000-a-ticket luxury Fyre Festival in Bahamas descends into a Lord of the Flies dystopia


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I love it when life sounds exactly like a movie.



Dashcon for the Hedonism set. But worse; they don’t even have ball pit.


1st place for “Schadenfreude of the week”?


A rich fool and his money are soon parted? The only winners here are gonna be the lawyers and I think that is a good thing in this case.


The more I read the more loudly I laugh… Am I a bad person? Because I’m rolling and my sides hurt.

Amazing! I love it!


Sounds like the muggers and pickpockets probably did OK.


So, Jonestown with worse logistics, basically.

… and shorter punch lines.


Does anyone know how to make weapons???





Yes, but so are we all. It is tempting to point and laugh at the marks getting taken by the con, when most of us are really not so much wiser.

But, you know, ahahahah. Hhahahahahhahah!


@Ashen_Victor, if you’re bad, then most of us are, I guess!


See, they just got their marketing wrong-- I would’ve totally gone to this if I’d known it was going to be a disaster.

But I would have brought a suitcase full of knives.


it was all part of the experience /s


I wouldn’t be surprised if Stefon himself was there. Seems like his scene.

Wealthy and preening idiots scamming other wealthy and preening idiots, and the thin veneer of civilisation disappearing within hours. Plus an extra dose of “authenticity” as the pickpockets and thieves moved in. I must admit I love it.

A shooper is already on it:



Fraud never gets old


Eventually, it does. Apparently, at that point the fraud just becomes POTUS.


I think I have a bad case of the Schadenfreude.
I would feel bad for them, if they weren´t filthy rich spoiled shits wasting more money on trivial jet set bullshit on a weekend than I earn in a year with my mind numbing, soul crushing deadend job.
Fuck them and