Fyre Festival fraudster sentenced to six years in federal prison


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I remember when this story first broke, and the usual devil’s advocates were speculating that the Fyre Island clusterfuck might just be a case of severely poor planning and not an intentional scam.



He should’ve offered another hour in the ball pit.


Ironically, he’ll be getting better food than festival attendees, and access to a flushing toilet and a sink with running water shared with just one person.


IKR? Hard to believe something came along to make DashCon look better in comparison…


Huh, I figured he’d get in at least another two or three similar gigs before finally going down.

I guess it’s because he’s only 26 and lacks experience.


“hyeugh, hyeugh”
_____Pig Bodean


Once he gets out, he’s going to track down the guy who’s really responsible for it.


I’m impressed… while awaiting his trial for this,he doubled down on more fraud against entitled folk.


Maybe he’s holding out for a cabinet appointment. Or a seat on the Supreme Court…but then there’s no suggestion that he’s a rapist, so maybe I’m being unfair.


I hope this smug pissant gets a hard education from this, but I doubt it – once a grifter, always a grifter. Speaking of which, is his partner Ja Rule getting away scott free from this?


Obviously a Democrat judge. A real judge would hand him over to the US Chamber of Commerce to be feted.

*Feted, not foetid.


I mean, obviously no one deserves to be scammed, and criminals should face their punishment, but watching the video of the “disaster” reminded me why I felt so little sympathy for these party-goers in the first place:

I mean, seriously, this guy needs to stop adjusting his damn hat.

Or am I just victim blaming?


YES!!! HOOORRRRAAAYYYY!!! FINALLY JUSTICE for all those people wealthy enough to casually drop $12k for a festival experience.

Up next: Trayvon gets justice.

Hahaha just kidding.




I really hope someone makes a satirical horror movie about the Fyre Festival fiasco.

The movie’s island turns out to be the site of a massacre of enslaved plantation workers; their restless spirits are obsessed with finding and offing the conman who organized the festival who is a descendant of the man responsible for their death.

He only returns to the island because his incompetent lackey left a satchel of cash behind, buried under one of the “villas.”

Cue harrowing chase from the “villas” to the helipad, or ferry dock, accompanied by a party of festival goers he’s using to distract the zombies.

Someone could have a LOT of fun with this. Most of the attendees are over-entitled swine; the only two sympathetic characters are a guy and a girl who were dragged to the festival by their respective dates, both terrible in their own way.


So what you’re saying is that he’ll experience “the best in food, art, music and adventure” in prison. At least based on the standards he’s set.

It sounded like there was also extremely poor planning. That’s a pretty good way to do a scam, I suppose - surround yourself with incompetents who fuck everything up (especially if they’re so incompetent they don’t recognize they haven’t been given the resources they need to do even a bad job), and then it’s less obvious it was a scam on your part. Not that it helped him, ultimately…

Well, yes. But with victims like those

Edited to add:


You just described the plot of The Producers


Life is truly stranger (and less entertaining) than fiction.