Fyre Festival fraudster sentenced to six years in federal prison


I feel bad for him because when I did that con I got off by claiming it was performance art.


Calling this an “elaborate scheme” is an insult to those of us in the elaborate-scheming community. This was a short con on a grand scale.


I’d watch that!


Rich people get justice yet again. News at eleven.


Lord of the Fyres?


Could have called it a political stunt to call attention to the plight of refugees by making the wealthy realize what it’s like to have bread, cheese, be afraid for your personal safety and live in a tent city.

That would not have gone over well.


Finally, my faith in the system is restored. Tremble, criminals. There is nowhere you can run, nowhere you can hide. Justice will find you… if you defraud a bunch of obscenely wealthy morons. You have no one to blame but yourselves for thinking it’s OK to cheat anyone but the poor.


He tried to be the next Woodstock(but for rich people), and couldn’t even manage Altamont. Now he’s working on Attica.


You know, we’ve not been asking the right question…


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