Leaked Fyre Festival documents reveal "logistical nightmare"


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The real problem is the leaks.



I have a feeling this train wreck will be entertaining us for awhile.


If Bernie Madoff ran a rock festival, it might have looked something like this. But then there’s the whole extra layer of incompetence on top. Spectacular.


It was a real dumpster fyre.


And they had such a nice centerpiece lined up for the opening night luau.


“No one is eating so therefore no ones pooping”

No surer sign of total disaster than the omitted apostrophe in what should have been “one’s”.

The organizers apparently could care less. [malapropism deliberate]


Me every time news about the Fyre Festival comes out:



Can I get a list of these “influencers” because obviously they can be bought to sell any krap they can.





Leaked Fyre Festival documents reveal "logistical nightmare"
But totally avoidable, funny how that never gets mentioned.


It does give one hope that even a career grifter can slip up on a major scam and get caught. Boy, do we need that hope these days.


I swear trump is trying to get impeached by his actions and yet week after week there he is. If nothing else Fyre is the beacon of hope that even the stupidly rich will eventually face plant publicly on a global scale.


Did any “influencers” show up or were they all tipped in advance to stay away?


They were notified weeks before the festival…
AKA the exact moment where there was nothing they could do anything about it.
This stuff should have been nailed weeks ago


Sounds like very strong hints were dropped.


Pffft! You don’t hire experts to listen to their advice! Who are you Darth Vader?


[quote=“stefanjones, post:2, topic:102260, full:true”]The real problem is the leaks.


Well that’s the narrative in all the anti-Russian threads, so why not here? :slight_smile:


We have to take what we can get at this point.

As an aside, at least they didn’t capitalize “influencers” like I expected them to <throws up in mouth a little>.