Watch this trailer for the new Fyre Festival documentary!


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Still one of the most delightful things to have happened in the past few years. Every bit of information about the Fyre Festival makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I think I will enjoy this documentary.


Target audience: connoisseurs of schadenfreude.


One would hope that the “organizers” of the Fyre Festival don’t get any remuneration from this retelling of their cock-up.


No, I’m good.


If I was directing this, I would intercut the footage of the event and model stock videos with statistics of wealth inequality and poverty rates, some outtakes of selected old MTV shows like „sweet sixteen“ and „cribs“, maybe throw in some footage of war refugees and starving children. I guess this would be too much to expect from the actual documentary.


On one hand, I think I would like seeing shitty people get their comeuppance but on the other hand, the trailer looks like it entails listening to a lot of shitty people talk. I don’t think reward is worth the pain that it will take to get it.


That would be the bulk of the Boing Boing audience, in my honest opinion.


“If you had thousands of dollars to spend on going to see Blink 182…then that is darwinism at its finest.”

Perfect summation of this entire thing.


Disaster flicks are so 1970’s. Did the bring back Irwin Allen for the project?




“The Fyre Festival, at least it’s not Cleveland!”


Possible music talent lined up for the festival:

Arcade Fire
Earth Wind and Fire
Amusement Parks on Fire
Wires On Fire
Comets On Fire
Colour of Fire
Fire Theft
After the Fire
Above this fire
High on Fire
AFI (A Fire Inside)
Dumpster Fire (look for their 45EP)
Old Car Tires on Fire in the Middle of the VIP Lounge


“watch these douchebros hose a bunch of other bros” doesn’t sound terribly entertaining.

But, then, I DID enjoy Wolf of Wall Street.


Yeah, until I found out they scammed regular people into investing in this “business,” and some naive folks lost their life savings. (Somehow, even in a scheme like this, it’s the middle class who end up getting screwed.) Without that detail, it would have been pure schadenfreude.


My heart goes out to them. A few years ago I would’ve argued citizens of the western civilizations had all internalized the old P.T. Barnum saying. But then Trump happened, and it’s clear, yeah, a majority of us are born suckers apparently. (edit) By “us” I’m not implying I had anything to do with voting for that con-man, but I recognize that as human beings we’re very vulnerable to these kinds of things.


“Where the light is brightest, the shadows are deepest“
― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Like “Y Tu Mama Tambien” did? Honestly, I always thought that was the true theme of the film and the rich brats traipsing around with a model-gorgeous friend of the parents was just a distraction.


Also recommended: The Queen of Versailles (despite a disappointing lack of guillotines).


Honestly while watching that I was both angry and disgusted at society that allows such ridiculous wealth disparity to exist.