Hulu appears poised to win the Fyre Festival documentary race


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TWO Fyre Festival Documentaries?

No no…we are the winners here. We are.


Why would I waste 96 minutes of my life watching something about a lame non-event? What next, a Dashcon miniseries?


Race? A race to the bottom, again…


We’ll not be done until there’s an off-Broadway musical comedy.

The porn parodies are almost certainly out already, but I’m not about to go looking.


With all the supermodel bikini footage, that also defines the Fyre Festival.


How dare you call luring busloads of trust fund babies to a deserted island with rabid dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches a non-event.


Can’t say i’m particularly interested in watching either documentary but i don’t know if this is fascinating enough to warrant two documentaries.


I think that it’s a great story. I like stories with only losers. I can relate. I think I will watch the one, the Netfix one is easier for me so that’s the one I’ll watch. I may not watch it all.


The part I don’t get is, it should have been possible to give them what they paid for, with plenty left over for profit. As a bonus, you get to do it again next year instead of going to prison. Everybody wins!


Someone saw The Producers and thought it was a How To


Except that the downfall of Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom is that they accidentally create a success!


I’m sure this would only motivate some people further:

I know what i’m doing so i’m sure it’ll work even better for me!


Extra time in the ball pit!


I think they should take it past what really happened, and posit what might have if the whole island was then out of communication with the rest of the world after the attendees got there.

Oh wait, that’s Lost. Never mind…


Watched the Hulu Fyre Fraud doc last night. I thought it was well done! It went into exactly how much fraud and scamming happened before, during and after the festival itself, much unrelated to it (my favorite being the scams run for no reason while the guy was out on bail after being arrested post-Fest…). That Billy guy was more or less running a semi successful ponzi-esq scheme for years that imploded when he had to actually deliver something.

It was implied near the end of this one that the reason for the two is that the one coming on Netflix was produced in conjunction with one of the marketing companies that was promoting Fyre Festival, who are actually defendants in the class action lawsuit against Fyre Festival and its organizers. There was an employee who left the company speaking on this one. Interested to watch the Netflix one now to see the difference… its possible the fraud hasn’t even stopped!


Did we even need one, though? :wink:


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