Asiana Airlines will sue KTVU-TV over broadcast of racist joke names for pilots in crash

Today, Asiana Airlines confirmed that it intends to sue KTVU-TV over an incident Friday in which phony, racist fake names of the purported pilots in a plane crash that killed three were aired. READ THE REST

She said the report seriously damaged Asiana’s reputation.

Three kids are dead and other passengers are paralyzed, and they are worried about an asshole news report? They need to get a grip. The NTSB has said that it appears that the plane was functioning normally. That means only one thing: pilot error. Lashing out at a TV station isn’t going to make people forget that your pilots flew a perfectly fine jet into the ground. They should worry about how this affects their reputation, and not how some racist jokes got on the air.

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One would think so, but look at all the coverage of Snowden and Greenwald.
Pay no attention to what the real story should be, focus on this over here about how horrible they are.
It works really well in America sadly.
Look at all of the people who rallied to scream no socialism while cashing their Social Security checks riding around in their government paid for hoverrounds.

If there is anything you can latch onto to try and distract from the real story, its worth doing.
So we had a plane crash big deal, did you hear what those evil reporters called us!

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I think anyone with an IQ just above room temperature is being hired as an editor these days.Obviously this is an extreme example, but the progression over the past decade has been continuous and demoralizing.How could someone(anyone,really) fail to catch this.


The airline is obviously serious about this because they’ve hired famous attorney Dick Hertz from Holden.


I feel sorry for the original news reader. They have to train themselves to take snickerworthy names at face value, lock up their inner 12-YO, and read them with straight faces. I think that the original newsreader did an amazing job presenting what she’d been given.

That said, I showed my own 12-YO the list and he started laughing when he read the first one. The second one had him on the floor. Then he said he was sorry because it was a crash and he shouldn’t laugh. It’s a shame the newsreader didn’t have that same minute with the list of names before she had to read them.

Or they could easily do both.


Wait… I thought that, in order to SUE somebody, for monetary damages, that you had to prove that you suffered monetary damages, in a quantifiable amount.

Can you sue somebody for being an idiot, and hurting your feelings?

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Yeah I don’t see where this is inherently worse than any other joke name. Phil McCraken, Caude Baals, Hugh Janus, etc.
In poor taste considering the situation and a news department who were not doing their job in the desire for a scoop is gonna have their collective heads removed.

Perhaps they’ll settle if the person in charge of letting that broadcast accepts to take a nick name: Dim Assi.

I’m not an expert PR-ologist; but this seems like one of those situations where you Just. Don’t. Touch. Anything.

If I were in their shoes, I’d be overjoyed to have media chatter turn to “How could anybody, even the n00b intern the nominated as the fall guy, possibly think those names were real?” rather than the otherwise-unending “So, did Asiana airlines have a maintenance problem, or did they have an incompetent pilot who flew into the ground?” chatter cycle.

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Little-Known Fact For The Day: There is no word for SATIRE in the Korean language. Now you know…

This case will be laughed out of court.

It’s crass and rude, not sure if it’s worth a lawsuit. You might expect that Asiana airlines are going to be sued fairly comprehensively if the NTSB confirms that pilot error was the main factor in the crash.

Every pilot has a first time landing with a full plane of passengers.

Every Pilot’s Monitor has a first time sitting next to a pilot to guide them.

But to use them both simultaneously in a commercial flight full of passengers is such a staggering case of misjudgment that it probably qualifies as gross criminal negligence.

Asiana’s lawsuit for damaging their reputation is a pathetic ploy. Their reputation was cemented when the plane crashed on landing.


Wait wait wait. This makes no sense. Racism no longer exists; Justice Scalia told me.

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There are various exceptions to defamation and one of them is that you were provided the information by the government.

In this case, the NTSB provided the information and therefore the TV station is immune.

There is no case here.

What this does show is that the people running this airline were probably hired away from BP after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. That or they have the same PR firm.

…I don’t even.

What kind of jerk thinks it’s ok to joke that foreign languages are incomprehensible, and foreign names are… foreign?

That’s even more racist than implying that Ikea furniture is hard to assemble!

Sure, bad jokes, bad time for bad jokes. But “racism”? I think we’re lowering the bar a lot here. I really don’t see how this differs from tittering about the name of “Fucking, Austria” from a racial awareness perspective.


Learn to employ pilots who know how to land a plane before you call up the lawyers, douchebags. No one but idiots are gonna fly Assiana Air from now on anyway. This is the only positive news that came out of their horrendous failure and ineptitude. After they had crash landed they told people to remain seated in a burning plane. What kind of brain-damaged fucks do they have working as pilots there?